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    I have a problem, we have new Kuka kr8 r2100 (KRC 4) and two welding supplies (one tig, one mig).

    I have never configured multiple welders in a single robot cell. Right now robot works with one welder configured in wov, if I try to add another welding device I get error that welder is already present.

    My question is what are the steps on setting up two welders, just rough guidelines how to approach this. Is this implemented by KUKA or I need to describe everything in krl?

    I'm blind or there is nothing about two welders in arctech documentation.

    Wov (newest version)

    Arctech basic and advanced options ( version 3.someting) (I'll update version number when I'll be at the robot)

    KSS 8.5


    is there a nicer way to do this, I need to make about 50 Inputs to turn on outputs (KSS8.6)

    Yeah, signal has triggered my memory now :grinning_squinting_face: Found it in the manual as well:


    The outputs $OUT[1] to $OUT[8] are combined to form one digital output
    under the name OUTWORT. The outputs $OUT[3], $OUT[4], $OUT[5] and
    $OUT[7] are set.
    OUTWORT = 'B01011100'


    Is there a way to convert decimal to binary? I'm probably blind but looking for a half hour into SI manual...


    I need to send binary data through Ethercat communication, but I would like to have an interface to enter decimal number and function would generate binary equivalent to send.

    Could you direct me where could I read about this or provide some examples?

    This is to control frequency inverter, I have a double word for setting the frequency and setting bits by hand works just fine. The problem is that I don't know how to bridge the decimal entry to binary conversion and to triggering certain bits to turn on.

    KSS 8.6; KRC4

    KR120 R3200-2

    Hello, I need a little guidance interpreting trace graphs in WoV.

    I have a robot KR8 r1620 arc HW, KRC4 compact, KSS8.5.7.

    I have wrote a simple program PTP motion A1 from 0 to 20 degrees, velocity 10%.

    Did a trace for actual velocities:

    Got this graph:



    just a short question is there possibility to disable external axis without safe operations?

    In the certain point of the program I want to make sure External axis 3 doesn't move. It will be programmed to not move, but the program will require reprograming and I want to prevent programming errors.

    KSS 8.5



    what would be the easiest and simplest way to repeat the program on the other side of welding positioner?

    I need same coordinates only the E1 180 instead of E1 0. Now the program is written in inline commands for one side and it would be nice to transfer same motion to the other side as well.

    KRC4 KSS8.3

    For me the best method is to use OrangeEdit or Notepad++ (if changes are very small) and then send files to client

    I usually ask for client to copy latest program from KRC and send to me, just to avoid old version deployment. The only requirement is any USB stick at clients side.

    Maybe this will help, you need to connect at least one E-stop button, safety gate and perimeter fence. Attached the wiring of the X11. And if you haven't read KSS8.3 System Integrator manual you should do that at least once, if you can receive files by some platform maybe I can send one to you.


    Recently I found out that MsgLib.src file exists and it allows for fast message programming, don't know if it is mentioned in Message manual for KSS8.3 but I didn't read it and did it the hard way :grinning_squinting_face:

    One more very simple but in the beginning it was a great help is to use Wait sec 0 to stop advanced run.

    I was thinking maybe people could share their finds on functions, tips and tricks that makes their life easier with Kuka.

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