Task does not exist...

  • is there a way to check if a task exists?

    I have a karel program that calls a Run_Task on a teach pendant program to execute a move on a position register. Sometimes that position may hit an axis limit and error out. If that happens the teach pendant program pauses, and will prevent subsequent calls for run_task from complete since the first instance is still 'executing' but at a paused status. To get around this, i check to see an error has occured. If an error has occured i check to see if the task has been paused using the Get_tsk_info function. If the task is pasused then i abort it, so that the subsequent calls will work. The caveat with this is that, if i have yet to request a motion command, and i receive an error the get_tsk_info will be invoked; but, since i haven't created the task yet, i will receive another error stating that it cannot find the specified task. So, is there a way to check if a task exists before calling get_tsk_info?? Thanks!

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