Comau NJ60-2.2 for Milling

  • Hi,
    This Comau Robot Milling project has been haunting me for quite a while, the issue is when 1st attempt milling a 3D head sculpture the front, back and Z direction do not align this is been solved (TCP wasn't correctly done and Uframe) once this solved the next problem is there's always a 8mm excess of poly between the front part and rear part. By solving this we adjust the tool length by 4mm at -z direction and my question is why is this happening?
    By the way CAM software used is Sprut'm
    Coamu controller CG5.


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  • Sculpting projects I know of use a turntable and the robot has absolute accuracy option.

    I would otherwise consider an 8 mm error an artifact of some wrong configuration.

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  • Did you use a Comau provided mastering tool? If using a mastering tool (and provided that robot calibration is perfect!) you have a procedure described on Control Unit Use manual to properly calculate your actual tool.

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