New to MotoSim (Need Feedback From Users)

  • Hello Guys.
    I have an approval to buy Motosim from my employer but I have not seen it "software" running simulations.
    The reason of the buy is to generate offline welding programming for new customers and to relate cycle times for work process estimations.
    Is there a way I can obtain a trial license with Motoman.
    Do motosim really works as shown in the motorman flyers...
    Any advise and info regarding motosim will be appreciate it (From Current Users)


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  • I use MotoSim EG-VRC extensively for offline programming. It has more than paid for itself for proving out and developing new cells before we ever install the robot. We do primarily pick and place applications so I cannot provide feedback on welding applications. I will say that it's far more useful when you have access to CAD software to create the STEP or IGES files to load into MotoSim. With accurate CAD data for your cell, I don't see any reason you wouldn't be able to do a large portion of your programming offline.

    Other features that it's useful for is setting up cubes or FSU, because it creates models that help you visualize the zones. Also, I use the file manager all the time. Using it, if your PC is connected to the robot via ethernet, you can transfer files to/from the virtual robot controller. Faster and easier than dumping the files from MotoSim to a USB then loading into the controller.

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