KAREL programming variables file

  • I am rather new to KAREL and I was advised by fanuc that a good approach to a more complex karel program is to split the program into separate files. One file is the main program with references to the other project files, one program for routines & functions, and one program for variables. The issue I am having is when I try to create a new karel program for just the variable declaration. When I try to compile a program file with only variable declarations I get a compilation error stating that the program must have a begin statement. If add in a begin statement with no code or just simple variable initializations, it will compile ok; but, when I reference the variable program from another project file with %include K_variables, I get an error that says there is an error with the VAR command in the variable file and that an ID is expected. Should I even be compiling the program for variable declaration? What is the proper way to create and reference a file for just variables?

    My variable file is something like:
    Program K_Vars
    END K_Vars

    The main program would look like this:
    Program k_Main
    %INCLUDE K_Vars
    do stuff here...
    if(int1 = 0) THEN
    do more stuff...
    END K_Main

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  • When you %INCLUDE something, the contents of the included file will be merged with the main file, replacing the %INCLUDE directive.

    Your K_Vars.kl should become:


    Then your k_Main.kl will compile correctly.

    Beware the %INCLUDE order and position, global variables declarations are on top, routines must be defined before beeing used and so on.

  • Hello,

    I tried the codes above with no sucess, can someone please explain.

    PROGRAM k_Main

    %INCLUDE K_Vars


    --do stuff here...

    IF(int1 = 0) THEN

    --do more stuff...


    END K_Main

    File name K_Vars.kl as below:




    Robogiude V9(Rev N)

    Errors after build all:

    Set Extra Includes



    1 VAR "PROGRAM" expected

    1 VAR Id expected

    2 int1:INTEGER "BEGIN" expected.

    2 int1:INTEGER ";" or new line expected.

    2 int1:INTEGER Invalid statement or "ENDxxx" or "UNTIL" expected.

    3 int2:INTEGER Invalid statement. ";" or new line expected.

    3 int2:INTEGER Invalid statement. ";" or new line expected

  • Hermann,

    My apology, I found my problems.

    In general, the sequence of creating and building Karel using %INCLUDE files in robogiude confused me.

    After trials and errors, learning the software, I got my codes working.


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