roboguide IM image restore

  • How do you restore from an image in roboguide for a 2000iA I have put my my image files on the MC directory in my documents and and do a controlled start but dont know how to "hold" the F1 and F5 keys :help:

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  • When creating a cell in roboguide, use the "create from existing robot" menu.
    I believe you will have to have toggled and executed the autobackup feature at least once on the real robot to be able to restore it in Roboguide from image files.

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    Thank you I understand how to do that but what i want to do is load an image into a robot that is already created in roboguide

    Open the robot properties pageon in the cell browser, click serialize robot and select your image backup(existing robot). This is basically the same as loading an image to the robot

  • You cannot save /load IMAGES to/from ROBOGUIDE, otherwise FANUC will go bankrupt .......
    You can only do "All of the above" backups which is not the same as an IMAGE backup
    ROBOGUIDE free options are awesome but you cant pull them onto a real robot.

  • So i have backdate.dt and i want to reload that into the teach pendant . How would I do that? I am able to open it in roboguide and it is the original backup from the teach pendant but not sure how i can upload that back to teach pendant since original program was corrupted.

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