• Is there anyone here that knows Robotstudio pretty well? I have been working with it for the last couple of days and have a ton of questions.


    Building robotic welding systems.

  • Thanks for the reply. I've watched the ABB videos on getting started with RS and a couple of them use models of a table and engine block. I don't seem to have those models. Are they available for download somewhere?

    I think I answered some of my own questions this morning concerning creating a dummy tool.

    Once I model my robot in RS and write some programs (offline programming), how do I transfer those programs to the real robot (switching to online)?

    Building robotic welding systems.

  • Yes you go online and copy your program til the Real controller. There is also a new function where you Can sync but i have never used it.

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  • It seems like there is the RobotStudio model with a robot, controller, and RAPID programs. Then there is the virtual controller (Is the virtual controller different than the controller in the Robotstudio model?). And finally, there is the real controller (the actual physical controller).

    I need to figure out how to write RAPID programs in the RS model and then somehow get them to the real controller.

    With no station loaded in RS, I can connect to the real controller and edit RAPID programs on the real controller. All of that works. I can't see how to go the next step and have a model in RS, be able to write programs in the model, and then transfer them to the real controller.

    I also can't see how to create a new RAPID routine in the RS model.

    Building robotic welding systems.

  • Is your robotstudio licenced... or been installed longer then 30 days. Offline programming is only available to licenced product or during the 30 day test period of robotstudio on 1 pc. Online programming still functions normally either way.

  • Cool cool. I have a copy of robotstudio courseware 5.12 I would be willing to share. It's from the course I took. If you post your email, I will send it to you

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