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    Does the reseller not offer some support. Out first robot came from a reseller. They performed all the service on it over the years. I’m sure it was cheaper then going to yaskawa

    They are usually included when they set up your controller. Look under your inform list under macros for TCH macros

    Thought i'd play with circle macro it destroyed my afternoon.

    I understand the macro for the most part. i've used the non dynamic frame version. All i had was documentation that was a little older. I found a more updated version online after work that was better then the first but still did not cover the macros used with dynamic frame and there are some differences besides the addition of the stations positional data for each point

    The circle macro is the one i'm interested in. The old macro had a variable for inside/outside search, the new one does not. Is this no longer an option? The old one had XY=1:XZ=2:YZ=3 variable and the new one has out,in Xin,Xout. If someone could give me some insight to what those variables are, i might be able to get it working tomorrow.

    I thought i'd play around and see if i could get it working today. There is another variable called userframe... i figured that one out. Specify an UNUSED userframe.... not your dynamic userframe. its not for reading...its for writing/calculating.... I fixed it but what a pain. There should be a way to enter userframe pulse data without using the robot to reteach the userframe?

    yes it was because we had purchased the multilayer function....which we never used. I tried to use it once but because the fillet weld was oriented in the flat position, the robot had issues with it. Multilayer works better on fillet joints in the horizontal. I can multilayer welds just as easy and more accurately with the touch sense. Someone thought it was good idea but didn't realize it's limitations or how much we would actually use it. It just looked good on paper. If I had known at the time we were sacrificing dynamic frame for the multilayer, i would have said something.

    just an update...

    Finally got dynamic frame enabled....loving it.. If you have coordinated motion and touch sense, dynamic frame should be the standard.

    Has an issue where you cant modify a shifted point. That option has a compatibility issue and must be turned off so all points need to be taught with shift off and then searches zeroed. Not a huge issue. A little slower stepping through a program as to not activates shifts but overall i'm quite happy with the change. Only real issues was the replacement of the old touch sense macros with new ones so all my searches had to be retaught but I was able to delete a lot of unneeded searches now that my displacement frames rotate with the positioners, and I had to make edits to the shifton instructions to utilize the new userframes.

    Motoman guys said it isn't an option they push very hard...The salesman didn't even know what I was talking about when I requested the quote. lol

    We originally purchased Euler Coordinates which I never really understood why.

    Euler also had compatibility issues with Dynamic Frame so we had to take Euler off the system which honestly didn't hurt my feelings. This is the way it should have been from the beginning.

    We currently have a dx200 controller in which we are welding with. I'm trying to weld around a 4" square tube with 1/2" round corners using the coordinated motion. Im having a weaving issue in manual.

    I'd like to see if the issue exists in auto. The positioner and robot move at a slower rate in manual so to test the weld it has to be done in auto, which means shutting up the cell and limiting my ability to see whats going on. I'd like to be able to run the code in auto without activating the the arc. I'm using arcfiles which control the weldspeed and smoves with no speedtags for the coordinated motion. Because its in auto, i dont know how to disable the arc but still use the arcfile for my there a setting somewhere? or a method to achieve this?

    this is the what im doing.

    The weave issue only occurs between the first and the second smovec going around the second round. I've been very methodical about the positioner and torch angles. The code to get around each section of tube is the same aswell. Same number of points, same angles.

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    up close

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    further back so you can see the torch angle is consistant

    Is dynamic frames or Master Tool User Coordinates the paid option that i need in order to rotate a displacement frame measured with our touch sense? And if it is, how much does it cost to turn it on? even just a rough idea? I can't believe the boss didn't purchase the option....he'd fork out for octopuz though.

    do you not have a backup? open the backup in robotstudio or notepad and find the orig wd2 weld data. Rename it and copy/paste it back to the controller in Robotstudio. Edit your programs weld instruction to use new wd3 or whatever you call it. Apply changes...done

    I run the bullseye every cycle. Cycles run 1-2 hrs depending on part. Check is 5 min

    You should be able to run the bullseye in auto from the production manager under service routines. To run before your code just call the routine.

    the code was written with wobj0. You can't just run your code in a new wobj.

    You would need to edit each line of code to reflect the new wobj ie: wobj1

    Thats why you edit the orig wobj values to make the change

    go to first position. write down jog position x,y,z. jog robot to proper position. Write down jogged x,y,z

    figure amount of offset you need to shift and in which direction.

    Workobj0.oframe.trans.y := Workobj0.oframe.trans.y + Whatever value ;

    Workobj0.oframe.trans.x := Workobj0.oframe.trans.x + Whatever value ;

    Workobj0.oframe.trans.z := Workobj0.oframe.trans.z + Whatever value ;

    You will likely need to use only one cmd. Don't forget + or - depending on the direction you want to move the workobj.

    Copy the cmd into your code with robotstudio and move to the routine where you placed it. Execute it once then comment the line.

    Check the point in your code to see if the wobj chaged in the direction you wanted it to.

    I found discrepancies in what is x y and z. I mean like id run the x shift and x was y. That was something i never investigated as why, i just made it work.

    Ask yourself why the wobj changed though before you start screwing around with the wobj.

    Find your workobj0 in the declaration and write it down or just copy it out of robotstudio into a text file just so you have the original.

    I would just use the crater fill in the seam data. You can set the voltage, current and time. Use the same point for Arcstart and ArcEnd,
    I've at times put a piece into the robot that had missing tacks. Instead of pulling the part out (they're large and I don't have a welder that reaches into the robot area), I just created a small program with one weld and a seam data with a 2 sec crater fill. I just matched the crater fill setting to my weld settings. Faster then pulling it out.

    Is anyone else having issues upacking robotstudio 6.08.01 zip file. I've been trying over a week and I keep getting unexpected end of archive error. I have tried to repair the file and was able to get some of the files extracted but it says is corrupt. I've tried a different pc but same error..

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