iRVision Controls V7

  • I am having issues with getting these to work. I keep getting he following message.

    Vision login unsuccessful
    An error occurred trying to access Vision Setup
    Please check the robot for posted errors. Cycle power the robot. If the error persists then contact the FRNA hotline for further investigation.

    Pendant says:
    PMON-001 Failed to notify PC Monitor

    I have no issues with this running on my personal computer and another computer. My issue is with 3 laptops that are for our electricians.

    I installed the MC in the controller and installed the Vision Controls this way with no luck.
    I downloaded the Vision Controls from the Fanuc CRC site.
    I ran IE as administrator. I added the IP to trusted sites. I added the IP to compatibility view. I tried every trick I know to get these to work and nothing is getting me any closer to having this function properly.

    These 3 laptops are running V8 iRVision Controls just fine which I installed from the CRC website.

    Windows 7, IE 11

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