Simulation / Offline programming softwares

  • Universal robot Simulation / Offline programming softwares
    1. Robcad -> Technomatix :yesyesyes:
    Process Simulate -> Technomatix
    2. Delmia - D5 IGRIP/ V5 ROBTOICS -> Dassault Systemes :yesyesyes:
    '-> FASTCURVE / FASTSURF / FASTIP -> CENIT AG ( Add in for delmia v5)
    3. Robomaster -> MasterCam
    4. Cimstation -> AC&E
    5. Cosimir -> Festo
    6. Robot Works -> Integration for solid works
    7. Workspace 5 -> Wat solutions
    8. Easy-ROB
    9. Sim X
    10. FAMOS robotic
    11. Camelot - Robsim
    12. Eureka robot milling -> roboris
    13. RoboDK
    14. Delfoi ARC, Delfoi CUT, Delfoi PAINT

    Robot Manufacturers specific 3D simulation / Offline programming softwares
    1. Abb -> Robotstudio :fine:
    '-> Irbcam Add in for Robotudio
    2. Fanuc -> Roboguide :yesyesyes:
    3. Kuka -> Kukasim and Kuka.CAMrob :top:
    4. Motoman -> Motosim
    5. Denso -> Wincaps III
    6. Reis -> Prosim
    7. Panasonic -> DeskTop Programming & Simulation System
    8. Igm -> Programming Studio
    9. Stäubli -> 3D STUDIO
    10. Comau -> WinC4G
    11. Mitsubushi -> MELFA WORKS
    12. Nachi -> AX on Desk
    13. Kawasaki -> Pc-ROSET
    14. OTC -> N/A
    15. Hyundai -> N/A
    15. Epson -> N/A
    16. Adept -> N/A

    Members can reply if i missed any 3D Simulation / Offline programming softwares.


    All is well

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  • AD
  • You can add Robotmaster -> Robotmaster in the first category

  • Silly that I missed this thread - Great Rundown, I probably would have made the same, albeit had different experiences with different systems

    Kuka has KukaSim & CAMRob

    Taylor Guitars - Robotics Engineer
    - IRC5 IRB4400
    - IRC5 IRB2400
    - S4C+ IRB4600
    - S4 IRB2400
    - Epson G3-351 RC180

  • To further speed up Offline Programming you can add CENIT FASTPRODUCTS to DELMIA V5.

    FASTPRODUCTS consist of three applications: FASTCURVE, FASTIP & FASTSURF

    Watch a 10min FASTCURVE demo video on Youtube: CENIT FASTCURVE DEMO

    More information on CENIT's website:



  • Hi Bala,

    That's because it's often sold as a turn-key solution along with the robot cell - complete workcell model, GUI customized to support the actual process, custom translator to allow for zero-edit robot programs.

    But the software can really be used for a wide range of applications.


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  • Hello Members,

    I want to know, which is the best software for students to understand?.. And let me know the Advantages of Robot Master...
    Try to give the best software by comparison..

    Hoping some best replies..

  • I work at Robotmaster and "have" to use it every day. It provides an easy and common interface for people familiar with cad/cam software, along with toolpath control from Mastercam to control the robot tool to exact process specifications.
    Things like lead in tails and exit tails are done automatically; tool tilting by a degree value, cutting normal to a curface, surface covering, tool compensation, point distribution tolerancing ... it's all automated so paths can really be tailored to an application.

    Further it graphically maps out robot orientations which would cause errors, so the paths that are generated will run on the robot precisely how they would look in simulation, without errors. It goes far beyond just CAD/CAM toolpaths being converted to robot code.

    In general, with a given robot/ frame and tool data, I can import something like a .dxf for a simple cutting path and have it on the robot in 10-20 minutes.
    more complex surface work may take more time, but process procedure can be carried over to other robots/brands.

    If you want more info feel free to contact me and I can get you in touch with someone, or goto

    Taylor Guitars - Robotics Engineer
    - IRC5 IRB4400
    - IRC5 IRB2400
    - S4C+ IRB4600
    - S4 IRB2400
    - Epson G3-351 RC180

  • Hi
    You may also add Process Simulate (also by Tecnomatix) to the list of OLP softwares

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