connect Cognex Vision with DX200

  • hello
    I connect cognex camera to DX200 via Ethernet. i set all parameter in DX200 and setting in PC and camera. i write a job for take picture and get position of workpice that is in below of camera. i give trigger to camera with Vstart instruction and camera get picture very good but after that it must send data to controller but it couldn't. it must send x and y to P101 variable in DX200 and angle to R90 but it couldn't. i think it is because of cognex job and communication protocol in it. i don't know what protocol i must use. in in-sight software there are Ethernet protocol for mitsubishi, ABB, Kuka but there aren't for motoman. only i can see for serial motoman ot for Ethernet motoman. what is problem that i couldn't get position of workpiec in DX200?
    my controller is DX200
    variable for result in DX200 : P110 for X and Y, R90 for Angle , B90 for detection workpiece
    Camera is : In-sight 5400
    job name is: 8test

    my job in DX200:
    VSTART FIND=8 MD=1 VF#(1)

    with above job i can send trigger to camera and it take picture but couldn't send data to DX200.

    thank you

  • Hallo,
    Could you instruct me,please!

    I use Cognex insight 8000.

    COuld you share with me ,please!

    I can not trigger and get data, even I can ping IP for CAM, good result.

  • Hello,

    Yes i will share with you my knowledge tomorrow.

    You need special cognex job for give data and send to DX200.

    Also you must active a function in the controller and use VSTART instruction for send trigger and take data.

  • Hi, I did this in the past using an intermediary PLC via fieldbus.

    You have two main alternatives:

    1- Buy a profinet PCI card for the DX200

    2- Try using Ethernet/IP, in which the controller is able to communicate using CIP protocol.

    Try searching Cognex help documents about CIP protocol.

    Besides, some functions on the DX200 controller about communication must be enabled by a Yaskawa technician, due to the fact that

    those functionalities are locked by default, and need a hardkey to be unlocked.

    Yaskawa has plenty of documents online to search for this 'Communication Options' as they call it.


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