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    Hey Kawaki,

    Avoid pattern recognition. Rely more on edge recognition, faster and more accurate. Also as many have said before, calibration is very important. Always check that when running the cal operation, a proper green mark appears at all square intersections. Light is absolutely crucial for identifying all the green visible crosses. Then do what 95devils said: perform short, medium and long measuing/positioning routines and check that the robot moves accurately. If this falis, no real operation will then be successful.


    Forge/os is a new programming environment, you can program every robot brand with the same "programming language/environment". See

    They do not provide any tool for offline editing! so seems that the only way is by means of the Forge TP.

    Hi all,

    I need to edit a Forge/OS job (*.task) in a PC. Is there any software to do this? Or at least a way of opening them to read and understand the code?

    Thank you all!


    hello. I had a lot of problems with the 2018 version. I think the windows version matters, but that's just my opinion. Anyway, since I changed the computer and switched to motosim 2020, I haven't had the slightest problem. All the best. .

    Thanks mihaita, I'm looking forward to buy this version. I had the updates for free in the past from the company, but they aren't anymore. Btw, I have windows 7 Pro, do you think upgrading to W8 or W10 could improve performance? Thanks.

    Hi All!

    I have this problem in a Motosim 2018 Cell. Two robots in coordinated motion. When inserting a SFTON command (XXXX SFTON RB1 P000), and when in edition mode, moving the cursor form SFTON to RB1 with arrows, form left to right, the program crashes. Any insights?

    Thanks in advance!

    You may be in cylindrical as apposed to rectangular.

    Go to setup/teaching conditions to change.

    Robodoc, As 95devils noticed, perhaps it's because the robots are forced to move in the standard WP position in the Y direction, but instead of going in excesive segment error, it moves like this, similar to S joint movement but keeping track of x and z in zero coordinates.

    GP180, WP is in the standard WP, For the coordinate I'm willing to move, it is!! But it does not show the alarm of excessive segment for that move, so instead of resolving the issue, it goes this way! may it be a bug of the program for this robot or controller? Or some setup configuration that leads to this behaviour?

    I'm jogging it in precisely Cartesian mode. No Cylindrical, Rectangular.

    Hi all,

    I need help in Motosim,

    There's this coordinated motion cell arranged with two robots in a jigless synchronized movement. Both robots calibration position is flange to flange in contact, with robots in WORK HOME position posture, one facing the other. By some reason I can't figure out why, when moving the robot in cartesian mode, the TCP moves correctly in a straight line along the y axis but the posture of the flange rotates as if an S joint move was performed.

    In other words, TCP should remaing irrotational around the 3 axes, but it rotates, when moving along y, the TCP rotates around z like keeping the x axis always pointing the robot zero position, intersecting z axis. But once you move the flange from the z zero position, the behaviour is normal.

    Does anyone have had this problem?


    What jumps out at me is two separate controllers happening at the same time on the same network.

    Are you using a managed switch? Overload on the network with packets could cause alarms like this.

    Thanks 95Devils :) , that was just the case. In fact, when doing a counterproof, after inserting the cable all switch lights started blinking really fast. Two sets of robot, HMI, PLC and Phoenix Contact SFN 5TX switch (forming two individual networks per cell) are connected to a mortal tplink switch in an upper network. After disconnecting each of them from this switch, the alarms went off. Dispite that, this arrangement worked fine in the past. I guess that the server upstream of the last switch was diconnected or something happened.

    Hi everybody.

    I have this set of alarms appearing at the same time on two DX200s. Please see picture attached.

    Also sometimes appears this TP communication error with this other particular screen stating that a P. means cable problem, other codes mean problem with the board....

    The robot is in a really dirty environment, with lots of iron deburring dust, a foundry area.

    What is funny is that is appearing on two identical robots at the same time, may have is something to do with system date?

    They are connected to the same LAN network.

    Any help is really appreciated!

    PS, I have not replaced boards of CF cards yet, but interchanged TP cables with the same result.