ABB paint robots

  • Looking for some feedback on ABB paint robots compared to Fanuc and Motoman painters. Our company has currently both Fanuc and Motoman painters. We have an application that could benefit from a longer reach robot thinking IRB 5400-14. We do not replace robots often so long service life and availability of parts are top concerns. Our Fanuc painters are P-155 and have been painting production since purchased over 20 years ago.

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  • I used ABB paint robot and if i have a second chance , i prefer DURR robots. Because interface is so easy and paint parameter system is wery well working . Interface of the parameter system very easy and if you want to same change abouth the parameter , you can do it so easly and fastly .

  • But if you want to use FANUC or MOTOMAN . you can select MOTOMAN , because this robots mechanisms is very strong and very good . You can be work with the SAMES company .

  • We use ABB paint robots exclusively, so I can't compare them to Fanuc or Motoman - though we do have some Fanuc material handlers.
    Our "new" painter is 2004 S4P+ vintage. We have a couple of older flexi-wrist C5.3's still painting parts, as well. The air purge circuit can be finicky, and we have a couple that lose rev counters occasionally (probably need batteries changed). I don't usually get to work on painters unless they're broken, so I'm not really intimate w/ Paintware. I AM kinda spoiled on ABB's motion language (compared to Fanuc).

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