RJ3 memory configuration

  • just after some help we recently had one of our robots memory upgraded from 2mb to 3mb but when we look at the status menu for the memory it says that we still have only 500k for the TP programs so is there some thing we need to change

    BTW Fanuc were paid to do the upgrade so I thought that they would have made the necessary changes

    Thanks Woz any help would be nice

  • Hi WO,

    I'm about to upgrade memory too. Did you find out how to solve the issue you describe?

    Thanks in advance.


  • To date, we have performed memory upgrades on 3 different robots. In the first one, we bought the memory from Fanuc and without doing anything, we just inserted it into the card and it worked smoothly. In the second one, the plug didn't work and a staff member from Fanuc probably did "Control Start", didn't let me follow it and started the memory. On the third, Fanuc's own staff was also unable to promote the memory. He took a complete backup and sent it to headquarters, they did something about the memory in the backup, sent it back, and when we restored it, the memory worked. So I'm wondering if I understand what kind of promotion is being done. When the robot memory will be added, I will take popcorn and coke with me and say, "How will it be this time?"so I'm watching that. ;(

  • What action did you take the first time after replacing the memory? (The time it just worked)

    You had to do something, as the memory is volatile. As soon as you unplug it from the main board, it is blank.

    Likewise, Fanuc couldn't have shipped you memory with the program already on it, unless they shipped a complete main board with a battery and the memory installed.

    I'm wondering if you're confusing the main board and the memory daughter board.

  • Hi guys,
    So far, thanks for the encouraging info ;o)
    I hope things will go smooth but I'm not counting on it... I expect trouble when I try to place the 16 Mb image in the new 32Mb memory. I'll let you know.


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