Help with transfering programs to multiple LRMate 200iC 30iA

  • I'm in the process of setting up 6 LRMate robots to load parts into and out of a post process gage (all 6 will be exact same programs and IO. We have the first one complete and everything is working well (after about 4 weeks). The question I have is, what is the easiest way to transfer all programs and parameters to the other 5 robots. I'm hoping this will just be as simple at backing one up and restoring it to the others. But I've also heard that certain parameters or settings cannot be transferred to another robot and are specific to each robot. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have EDocs that came with the robots, just looking for some info as to the easiest way to do this. (as you all know Fanuc doesnt always tell you the easiest way).


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  • When you backup the files, you will get everything including servo & mastering variables. Instead of loading all the files, take a backup of your robot then just load the needed files to the other robots. The files you need will depend on what you have done, you will have to determine this. Here are some files you will probably want, but there may be more.

    1. all tp programs (*.tp)
    2. IO configuration (
    3. numeric registers (NUMREG.vr)
    4. Position registers (POSREG.vr)

    You can see a list of all the files with descriptions by going to the robot webserver and looking at Variable files and TP program files. You can also use FTP to send and receive files to all of your robots.

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