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  • Hello!
    I have a MRC system with two SK6 robots and a RMV2 positioner. The pendant FWD button stopped working.
    I've done a backup of another cell with FDE and still not worked.
    I changed the pendant and also had no effect.
    Can anyone give me an idea of where you can be the cause?
    Thanks, :hmmm:

    Rafael Schroer

    Motoman & ABB OLP Programmer

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  • I don't know what doing a backup of another cell would do to the FWD key of this cell.

    If the FWD key works on your second robot and does not work on this cell, the problem can be a software miss match ( there is a eeprom in the pendant, really old version do not work with newer system software) also the problem could be in the card on the back of the playback box or the MIF01 card.

    Turn the power off. Press and hold the little arrow up (beside F1) and the MORE key and turn the power on to go into pendant test mode. One of the menu items is a key test and you can see if the button is really working. In this mode the pendant is only using the 24 volts from the controller and does not communicate with the MIF01 card.


  • Robodoc Hello!
    When I used only the backup parameters, the robot back to move with the FWD key, but now the problem returned after the controller has worked very well.
    I used the procedure you commented below and the only error was found in the section SIO Test (attached image).
    This may be related to the problems encountered?
    Thanks again :top:

  • No the SIO test is for something else. This test was to test the function of the button. If the button works each time you press it on the button test, the keyboard is working. If you are still having problems the problem can be in the MSP02 (on the back of the playback box), or the MIF01 card. Be very careful with the MIFo1 card. It has all your programs and robot data (like the hard drive in your computer) and is software specific.


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