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    I have been to many installs, some have standard programs which must be used, others do not. I was struck by this one standard years ago at a tier1 frame supplier.

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    This module shows more file handling, both reading and writing. There is also quite a bit of array usage. I have already shared it on a github repo, but I feel that it follows well from the previous article. It reads Motoman files and converts the infromation into usable ABB Rapid code, creating loadable modules for the ABB. I hope that you all can find it useful, especially if you get the chance to use it and give some bug reports or feedback. Otherwise, take away some more knowledge.

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    This program writes system parameter files which can then be loaded. Also, it writes a loadable rapid program module. I wasn't sure when I set out to do this if it would even work. It does! I had to cut out some stuff to make it fit this article. But the gist of it is there. Can you tell I like programming ABB robots? Real programming, stuff that maybe no one has ever tried to do before or thought of before. New and interesting challenges keep things from getting boring. The purpose of doing this is explained in the comments below in the program.

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    Here is the next article on picking parts with robtarget arrays, taught by one position then calculating the rest of the array. In this one, since it is a flat tray, I had to set the "Z" value the same. The improved part is writing the orient and axis configuration also. I hope you find it informative and useful. I think I got the code formatted better this time. I will have to revisit the first article to see if I can fix it.

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    Some years past I was working at an integrator that was building two, entirely separate, but more or less identical truck building lines. The area in which I was working, there was a robot which needed to pick parts from a cart which held the same parts, in rows and layers. Someone brought me the program that had been written in the other assembly line. They told me that we should use that program so that the lines were the same. I looked at that code and just could not bring myself to use it. This is that program:

    MODULE pPickPart

    !******************************* ROBOT INFORMATION ****************************

    ! ROBOT = R16

    ! PLANT = DS Warren Truck

    ! LINE = Underbody

    ! STATION = S14



    !Pick Locations

    PERS num PickX := 0 ;

    PERS num PickZ := 0;

    !Distance Between one row To the next

    CONST num zToPart := 96;


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