Another program that writes a program.

This module shows more file handling, both reading and writing. There is also quite a bit of array usage. I have already shared it on a github repo, but I feel that it follows well from the previous article. It reads Motoman files and converts the infromation into usable ABB Rapid code, creating loadable modules for the ABB. I hope that you all can find it useful, especially if you get the chance to use it and give some bug reports or feedback. Otherwise, take away some more knowledge.

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  • Hello,

    This is great! would you have an example of reading an ABB module in rapid and making the Inform program?



  • Nice idea, Lemster68!

    • Thank you very much!

    • Thanks, but for now I think not. In the VAR.DAT file there are many mystery numbers which I do not know what they refer to. I had asked here on the Yaskawa Motoman forum if anyone knew what all the components of the position variables were, but no one gave any insight.