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    Got it working.... Ran the program with Search write set to 'on' but stopped it before M52, changed search write to 'off" and ran it. I had to move M52 to step 4 as step 5 wasn't modified. I also found that I had to record, teach and playback in Robot vs. Tool. When I used Tool, the center pivot point was way off in playback. I have 3 different buffing heads (course, clean and fine polish) so I will use 3 different registers... Lots of teaching, lots of programs. Using different tool numbers to teach, each at different lengths because of different ball sizes that would mean different center points. Anyway very excited now and close to making this whole thing work. Certainly appreciate your help BSRR. I'll will post a video when I have the process up and running..... thanks.

    I must be missing something.... tried all that and still will not pick up the displacement. Wrote the program just like in the book, omitting the M121 and M120. Toggled the interrupt beyond step 3, data shows in step 2 M29 (XYZ) but Steps 5 and 6 never move. and

    I'm at the point of commissioning a AW controlled robot for doing a polishing operation. And I find that the M59 search write function is not working. the interupt writes to register 1 but the robot does not offset (or add the displacement) the value at the M52 shift2 step. And I dont understand this:

    Set [Service] [1 Teach/ Playback condition] [Search write] to <on>.

    Play back in [1 cycle playback mode].

    Return [Service] [1 Teach/ Playback condition] [Search write] to <off>

    after playback. Leave [19 Search range] as it is.

    I just dont understand turning it on and then off. And is the search range 0-3 inches?

    Set a search range to [Service] [1 Teach/ Playback condition] [19 Search


    Its just giving me a hard time.... help.

    Thanks for the reply Bsrr.... this is going to make my programs work so good....

    btw... has anyone found a way to write programs with a computer? Back when I worked with Nachi programs could only be written using the pendant.

    Anyone have experience using M59 (search)? I'm reading that M59 used in conjunction with M29 (interrupt) and M52 (shift 2) can offset all the following steps untill reset.... Nachi manual doesnt do a very good job of explaining this. I just ordered the robot and cant try till I get it.... 3 or more weeks out.

    So I think what Im going to do is create a number of programs with the same steps... just teach each incremented program closer to the wheel. I'll put a jump to program(next one) if a assigned input it true. In the PLC ill latch that input and each program will have an output set to unlatch the input bit... so i can push the 'move in' button on the HMI and if I need to go in farther, keep pushing it.. the program will keep jumping till Im satisfied with the load. Of course the AW11 cant give me an analog load output back to my plc/HMI so I'll put current transformers either on the buffer or the robot for feedback. I could latter do a compare function in the plc and move the setpoint with the HMI and let the PLC advance to the needed program. Its too bad that I cant see a way to guide this robot with vision. I have numerious cognex cameras..... I have some ideas for picking up the parts... and because there are so many different sized balls to pick up, I need to design a way to quickly exchange acuators and gripper.... ID and OD. Cant wait to get started. I think we are going to order the robot next week. Oh... and instead of putting th robot in a cage.... I'm going to set it inside a light curtain... I believe I can meet all the requiremnts of ANSI/RIA R15.06 AND ISO 13849 by following up with a finial comprehensize risk assessment. Well enought for now.... for those of you whom might be interested, i"ll post more later. Now lets see, converting the 3.5 floppy

    How many pounds of pressure can a SC50 robot excert on horizontal plane? I understand its 50kg/110lb lift capability but how much 'push' power?