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    Alright I made it work.

    I made a completely new cell with my programs not converted to relative.

    I added both my Uframe file and Tool file.

    Then I converted my jobs in relative, and that way it worked.

    I think the problem was that my tool was different on both MOTOSIM and the robot and that messed up everything.

    Anyway I solved the problem :)

    So I made a CAM with the number tool 4. But for the frame, I have no idea where I'm supposed to register it?

    I converted the job in MOTOSIM, because it wouldn't work on the robot for some reason? Using the same tool, 4 made on the robot that I loaded in MOTOSIM. And the Uframe I made on the robot that I loaded in MOTOSIM.


    I was wondering how can I work in a userframe?

    The idea is to make a program in a Uframe, so that way if my uframe ever moves, I can just re-do the Uframe so I won't have to touch the trajectories.

    I know it's possible on FANUC, and there must be a way to make it work on YASKAWA.

    I'm asking because we made a few long programs using CAM function on MOTOSIM and when I convert them in relative job (UFRAME), the trajectories are all messed up, even though my uframe is fine.

    Btw, it's on a DX100.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hello folks and happy new year!

    We're looking for a sanding application in my company but it seems pretty complex.

    From our perspective we need :

    A vision system : To see where the sanding need to be applied ( weld seam ). It would probably give us information about the thickness of the seam aswell.

    Sanding tool : that one is obvious, but I'm a bit lost. I read through some sites, articles that there is a force sensor to be added. Now how that thing works is really what interest me.

    Anyway, I'm looking for some insight, informations I might've missed. Maybe you guys know some website or companies i'm unaware of that could help me.

    Thanks in advance!

    Yeah i'm working in France. I guess things are different between countries.

    Ah I see! So this would be useful if I had more than one robot?

    Since we only have on robot, I really wonder why those lines are there. Maybe it was a program copy pasted from another installation with other robots.

    Thanks for your help though sir!

    Oh sorry I forgot to add it's a DX100.

    So, for the last line, it converts the registered position to another type of position, so the robot "understands" it?

    Thanks for helping sir. You're not boring at all!

    Hi, I'm going to have a big exam soon and I'd like to explain how the program works accurately. There are a few lines that are a mistery to me :

    WAIT #SOUT(394)=OFF

    WAIT #SOUT(395)=OFF

    They both refer to specified output 394 and 395 I guess. But what are those? "Searching R2J" and "Searching R3J"

    And lastly:


    Would greatly help me please.


    I've been working with a YASKAWA for 8 months now. Didn't get the chance to choose the robot so I sticked to it.

    But to be honest, i've had really bad experiences with their support. Takes load of time to get a clear answer, they often try to make you pay for about anything.

    On the other hand I also worked with FANUC for a while and whenever I had problems, their support was fast and reliable. Even some colleagues in other companies had the same experience as me with FANUC. They are really great tbh.

    In the future, I'll try to work as much as I can with FANUC as for my experience.

    I'm bumping this.

    I removed the PL=0 to see if that'd fix the problem and now i'm getting the error when the robot is doing his sensing job inside MOTOSIM. (Not getting it on the real robot though)

    Btw I'm using sensing through the welding wire.