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    We have a Fanuc styled (G&M Codes driven) Plasma Cutting robot that I need to repair.

    The system 'controller' is made up of a number of components from various manufacturers.

    But I have a problem in one area that is driving me dilly.

    There are a number of Panasonic MBDLN25SG drives in this unit with a matched Panasonic MHMF042L1U2M motos.

    I have reset the drive using the Panasonic PANATERM software (v6.x) directly on USB to the drive and running the drive in Position Control Mode (P).

    When I switch the drive on and monitor the status with PANATERM it comes up as normal and no alarm BUT the 'Troubleshoot' options shows I have CP07 (Factor of No-Motor running) condition. Also monitored on the drive monitor

    This occurs even before I try any operation from the HOST (other than hard wiring SRV-ON to be active after the drive switches on).

    The manual 'Factor of No-motor running' says this condition is as a result of the Command pulse input frequency being too low and is result of;

    The position command per each control cycle is 1 pulse or smaller due to,

    • No correct entry of command pulse

    • No correct connection to the input selected with Pr0.05.

    • No matching to input status selected with Pr0.06 pr Pr0.07.

    From the manual this condition suggests I have a configuration problem with the following drive settings;

    Pr0.05 =1: Exclusive Input for Line Driver

    Pr0.06 =0: Command pulse rotational direction setup

    Pr0.07 =3: Pulse Train + Signal (PULSH and SIGNH)

    Other relevant settings;

    Pr0.01 =0 Position Conrol Mode

    Pr5.04 =1 Over-travel inhibit input

    Pr5.17 =2 Counter Clear Input Mode

    Pr5.18 =1 INH input deactivated

    I am using the following connections from the drive to the HOST


    PULSH1 (Pin 44) S+

    PULSH2 (Pin 45) S-

    SIGNH1 (Pin 46) D+

    SIGNH2 (Pin 47) D-

    ALM+ (Pin 37) Input of HOST

    SRV-ON (Pin 29) Output from HOST

    COM+ (Pin 7) Power supply + from HOST (+24V)

    COM- (Pin 41) Power supply - from HOST (0V)

    BRAKE+ (Pin 11) There is no BRAKE on the motor so not used at this stage

    If I monitor values on the drive for the following all seems fine;

    SRV-ON - the drive picks up the change in state so no problem there.

    d06.cPS Command Pulse Sum I get a constant command pulse incremental value on the drive display for each mm moved from the HOST - both positive and negative values are displayed if I move negative or positive from the host.

    d05.nPS Feedback pulse sum I get feedback from the encoder in resolution pulses,. All fine there.

    I have also cleared Absolute data and zeroed the counter values.

    Everything seems to work fine from the HOST except the Motors won't come on and no matter what I change on the drive I still get the CP07 issue (monitored on the drive via

    If I remove the SRV-ON signal to the drive then the Factor of No Motor goes to CP02 (monitored on the drive via - which is correct. So the SRV-ON side of things is working.

    Is there something I am missing and can someone please help.

    Hi Panic mode.

    Thanks - Panic Mode - I have tried Advantech's web site and cant find the Device Manager pack needed for this motherboard. I have raised a call with Advantech and hope they can help. I'm not getting much joy from Kasry in China.

    I have an update. The serial ports are connected directly onto the motherboard (RS232 ports) for both hCom1 and Com2. Now I am looking for the device manager CD or drivers for the motherboard which is a;

    Advantech AIMB-562 Kiosk Rev:A1


    P/N: 19A7B56220-01



    Model: AIMB-562L

    I have the manual just looking for the device drivers.

    Dear Forum Members,

    This post is a bit all over the place and I apologies for the quantity of information.

    We have a Kasry/Yomi machine which we have been repairing for our customer in South Africa. The drive crashed and we have spent some time restoring files from a C_PAN.GHO image we have. The unit is made up from a number of supplier parts (Panasonic, Delta TAU, Keyence, Kasry and then some smaller bits). In a nutshell it is technically a CNC robot in component form.

    The Robot setup has the following components;

    1. A Kasry provided PC with the following software;

    (1A) Windows XP 32 bit SP3 - I can't get away from this.

    (1B) 3.5

    (1C) 111.exe (KASRY 360 Robotcut.exe) and FACE.exe the main cutting design and program 'post processor' program (mostly in Chinese). These are Chinese based applications without available documentation. I have tried the supplier (Kasry) and little comes back from them). When I run this and try to read the encoders from the drives it reports a serial port error. This has something to do with the two RS232 ports in the PC - as one port is connected to the drives through an RS485 hub.

    (1D) Pewin32 Pro which is working fine and we can access the drives and certain I/O (This is a Panasonic piece of software used as an interface to setup and monitor the PMAC2 unit.

    (1E) PipViewer 1.07 with SoftDog USB key unit installed. This is a piece of software that takes .pip files for viewing. I have an issue with this as it keeps coming up with attempted operation not supported error.

    (1F) FAST wireless USB unit - no problem here

    (1G) CH341SER – not sure what this is used for in the system but it's a USB/serial driver.

    2. The following hardware has been established

    (2A) Delta TAU Turbo PMAC2 CPU Configuration (I4908) (DSP56303 CPU) (Part Number 0964) (Ver 1.947)

    (2B) 8 x Panasonic Motors connected to Panasonic Drives

    (2C) 8 x Panasonic A6SG series Drive Controllers

    (2D) 1 x PMAC ISA Motion Controller used for RS485 motion control communications?

    (2E) 1 x Turbo PMAC2 PC drive controller unit interfacing to drives

    (2F) Dual RS232 PC card (Port1 connected to Laser Sensor and Port 2 to Panasonic drives through RS485 hub to X2 of drives)

    (2G) Direct Ethernet connection from PC to PMAC2

    (2H) A Delta TAU separate PLC (DVP-64EH) - not worried about this as yet.

    (2I) A Keyence Laser Sensor with an RS232 interface to the Kasry PC Port 1 of the RS232 card (on the PC not the PMAC2). This connects to a Keyence IL-1000 laser measurement scanner.

    3. I have checked Windows devices with an old printout I had from the original working unit - against the current installation - and they seem fine.

    4. We have the following issues we would like some advice on;

    (4A) When I select the button ‘Read Absolute Encoder and Loading RCS button’ I get a ‘cannot open serial port’ message – please advise

    (4B) I cannot get a version of Panaterm 6.0 to install on the XP SP3 PC to read the configuration on the servo drives – any suggestions/recommendations?

    (4C) I need to read the Keyence laser device (through the RS232 port) – please advise drivers and any software that could do this.

    We have made good progress in getting this machine to work and would welcome any support to get this machine over this final hurdle.

    Many thanks


    Do you mean, it's connected directly to the KRC through the X42 connector?

    AFAIK, that's only relevant when the MasRef switch is connected to a Safety PLC, and the Safety PLC program passes the MasRef contact signals to the KRC via the JR bit.

    Yes - I understood the JR bit was only relevant to a PLC. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Yes - the Reference Switch is connected directly to the KRC through the X42 to the CCU.

    I have tried using the diagnostic monitor see SafeOperation_1.bmp and SafeOperation_3.bmp but can't seem to get a real-time result when placing the steel piece over the proximity sensors.

    Please note there is no SIB in this unit.

    I also struggle sometimes with the German references in my notes.

    Mastering reference switch does not connect to SIB. It connects to CCU, more specifically to CIB (CCU=CIB+PBM). so if there is a live status, it will be in diagnostic monitor for CIB and it will refer to JR.

    Thanks. I know the reference switch doesn't connect to SIB - just mentioned that for background. I'll look at the JR bit. Thanks

    Hi All,

    Is there a direct way to monitor the status of the Proximity Switches (part of the KRC4 Safe Operation Reference Switch).without running the Safe Operation programs?

    I am assuming the 2 proximity switches must be mapped somewhere to the internal Kuka I/O. I have searched on the TP and Work Visual with no luck.

    We have Kuka KRC4 controllers with the option package Safe Operation 3.x installed.

    Controllers are KRC4 8.3.x

    There is only one Reference Switch connected through X42 to the CCU.

    I have examined MasRef_Main.SRC, MasRef_User.SRC and can't seem to find an I/O reference for the 'proximity switch status'.

    I see there is a Safe Operation $MASTERINGTEST_SWITCH_OK variable but that's just the condition of the Reference Switch and not the two individual proximity switches.

    Any guidance would be most appreciated.

    OK - so it looks like I can't interface the encoder directly with the Panasonic drive and that I need something in-between like a Kuka RDC?

    These are the signals on the Kuka encoder

    Stator Excitation

    pin 7 R2

    pin 10 R1

    Stator (SIN)

    pin 1 S2

    pin 2 S4

    Stator (COS)

    pin 11 S1

    pin 12 S3

    RTD (Temperature)

    pin 8 +1R1

    pin 9 -1R2

    The Panasonic drive only has these encoder inputs on a 6pin connector;

    pin 1 E5V

    pin 2 E0V

    pin 5 PS

    pin 6 PS(NOT)

    pin 3/4 not to be connected.

    Any suggestions?

    So where I am struggling with this particular motor is to work out what I need to connect.

    I've managed to get some info on the 1FK7080 motor but not the 1FK7081. At this stage I can't locate a specific wiring diagrams for the encoder side.

    The encoder connector is a 12 pin and has the following signals;

    R1 - pin 10

    R2 - pin 7

    S1 - pin 11

    S2 - pin 1

    S3 - pin 12

    S4 - pin 2

    +1R1 - pin 8

    -1R2 - pin 9

    There are no connections on Pin 3,4,5 & 6.

    I would love to know how to wire this up and what these signals mean.

    I'm assuming the excitation is 24V but need to know whether the feedback will mate with the Panasonic PS and PS(NOT) inputs.

    I'm trying to work out a wiring configuration of the servo on a test bench so that I can get feedback to the Panasonic drive. It's really for test purposes and the only spare motors I have are the Kuka ones.

    Dear Forum,

    I have a KUKA Motor (Siemens 1FK7081-5AZ91-1ZZ9-Z) which I want to test with a Panasonic Drive (MDBLN25SG) and interface the drive to a MASSO G3 controller.

    I'm trying to mate the Encoder connections of the KUKA Motor to the Panasonic drive.

    Siemens motor encoder has these 12pin connections - no clue what these mean.

    pin1-S2, pin2-S4, pin7-R2, pin8-+1R1, pin9-1R2, pin10-R1, Pin11-S1, pin12-S3

    Panasonic drive encoder has these connections - these are easy.

    pin1-E5V, pin2-E0V, pin5-PS, pin6-PS(not)

    The Panasonic documentation is very good but I can't for the life of me find any reference of what the Kuka/Siemens motor signals mean.

    I need to connect these two units together.

    Please can someone enlighten me.

    Many thanks

    Can anyone shed some light on what the IBN abbreviation translates to on the KRC4 Start Up orange flashing Indicator on the SmartPad?

    I am delivering some KUKA training and this question was asked yet I cannot find an expanded version of IBN in any of the material?

    Thanks Panic Mode,

    I got a bit distracted and now having revisited this topic I see that KSS 5.4.11 does not use the Authentication.config file and that - in essence - while I can add an operator with lower than user privileges there are many places where the 'user' account = 'default' and cannot 'go lower'. Even when using the KRC Configurator there were limitations. Anyhow I have found a work around for the customer so all is good. Thanks Everyone.

    I searched for a solution to lock softkey for Minimize and Exit buttons in SoftKeyKUKA.ini, like for example you can lock Delete,Duplicate, add new menu and menu items to HMI,even change name of a button, but couldn't find where this buttons are defined in the file... Other solutions where already mentioned from other members in previous posts... I guess this "function" is intended for the service guys...

    You can also write to KUKA about this, maybe they will rewrite the HMI for your case 😁🤞... or try to get KUKA.NOADMIN like FUBINI proposed...

    Oh - what I was after in the link I mentioned is the 'lease time' to lock out a user or to go to default user. I started a new thread to not confuse with this 'minimise' issue. Apparently changes can be set in Authenticate.config but there is no change when I amend this file.

    Kuka KRC2 ed05 LeaseTime and Lock issue

    I searched for a solution to lock softkey for Minimize and Exit buttons in SoftKeyKUKA.ini, like for example you can lock Delete,Duplicate, add new menu and menu items to HMI,even change name of a button, but couldn't find where this buttons are defined in the file... Other solutions where already mentioned from other members in previous posts... I guess this "function" is intended for the service guys...

    You can also write to KUKA about this, maybe they will rewrite the HMI for your case 😁🤞... or try to get KUKA.NOADMIN like FUBINI proposed...

    Thanks for all your effort . I'll just live with this for now and see if I can monitor activity in a log somewhere. I'll give Kuka a buzz as well - you never know.