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    LIN $POS_ACT_MES : {CameraX, CameraY, 0, CameraRZ, 0, 0} ; apply camera shifts in Tool frame

    This bit of code was what I needed to know. Thank you skyefire:thumbs_up:. Since the TCP is at XPick when it takes the picture

    XPick = $POS_ACT_MES:{camX, camY, 0, camA, 0 ,0}
    $TOOL = gripper
    LIN XPick

    Moves XPick to the center of the part with my gripper. This works good for my application.

    just out of curiosity Is there a way to accomplish this without my TCP being at XPick?:thinking_face:

    The camera is mounted to the robot end effector, yes?

    Yes, it is a tool mounted camera.

    It sounds like you are using a Tool-mounted camera to perform Base shifts. That's... odd. Doable, but odd.

    I never rotate or shift the base. I have a point (Xpick) that starts at the base and is constantly moving.

    How did you do your original robot<>camera calibration? And how are you changing XPick's rotation?

    For the original calibration we used a cad model of the end effector to get the numerical data.

    Generally, to use a Tool-mounted camera, you create a TCP that is aligned with the camera, and apply the camera corrections in that TCP.

    Lets say the camera sees the part is off {X 10, Y -55} you are saying I should adjust the gripper TCP instead of XPick?

    Hello every one!

    I have an arm that is using a camera to find a part. Theses parts are arranged in a 16x2 array. I started out with a point called XPick which is at the X0Y0Z0 of base[16]. I then offset it to the next part in the array and take a picture, Get the cameras offsets add them to XPick and move the gripper there. Half way down the long side of the array I need to A180 the camera to avoid crushing my end-of-arm tooling. The problem is the camera is now the opposite orientation of my base, so the X and Y offsets are wrong. Is there a way to move a point like Xpick in relation to the cameras frame?

    I assumed I needed the geometric op but my experiments with it were fruitless.

    I was going to post pictures and code but I'm not sure what would be helpful. Let me know if any one has Ideas or needs more info!

    I have a K210-L150 Loading a horizontal Mill with a 64kg iron casting. I have two tool setups. One when the "gripper" is empty and one when it is full. When ever it picks up/sets down a part and changes to the loaded/unloaded gripper it stops and says axis 3 has detected a collision. The only thing in the load data that might not be accurate is the moment of inertia. I don't know how to get this info. I loaded the part and gripper into PowerMill and got the numbers there. they are:




    I assume this is mm^4 but the load data is kg/m^2.

    I don't know how to get the numbers I need. Can anyone point out what I'm missing?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hello fellows,

    We recently had the cabinet(KRC2 ed05) moved, We had to disconnect the main power to get it where we wanted. I powered it back up an now I can not move the robot. I get the message: 1376 Active Commands Inhibited. I looked at the drives and they are all blinking green slowly. Looking in my little hand book, That means "Uic < Ulim"
    I don't really know what that means.
    I also see the KPS has led 2 flashing. little book says "Intermediate circuit < 60v"

    To me, this sounds like its not getting power correctly. I checked fuses, they all seem good. I've been reading a bunch of other posts on here and one said to try starting it up with the X11 jumper which implies a safety circuit fail.

    My questions are: Does this sound like a safety circuit problem? What can I do do get more info?

    I have a hard time believing that moving it 10 feet cause the safety this much trouble.

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