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    Thanks for all help.

    I'll use the speed in the SRC folds, I tested it and if I touchup the point, the speed doesn't change, only if I want to change the inline form, something that won't happen after the robot is installed.

    Thanks for the reply!

    I tried to search in all folders (I opened all folders) and registers of \KUKA BOF, but I didn't find any register about movement speed. I also tried to do a global search for registers named "velocity", "speed", "linear", "motion", etc. But I didn't find anything! I tried to open some more folders besides KUKA BOF, but without success.

    I'm trying to improve some robot movements but I need some linear points faster, with 2 m/s the robot performs these slow movements due to interpolation.

    Hello People, How are you?

    Can I change linear motion speed from 2m/s to 3m/s? I had information that can be configured by regedit, but I'm not finding the file to change it. Has anyone done this?

    Thanks for the reply panic mode

    My native language is Portuguese, I always leave robots configured with this language option in the factory where I work because it is easier for people to operate. However, every time I restart the robot (cold start or turn it off and turn on) it switches to English. This started to happen only after KSS 8.5.

    Hello people! All right?

    Every time I restart the robot panel it changes the language, is there any configuration that can change that? This was not the case in previous KSS versions.

    The current version of KSS is 8.5.8.


    In addition to the damaged HD, the motherboard also damaged, it was replaced by a new one but with the same GS1 final code. The only difference is that the output is SSD, the previous was IDE. The original KPC used a GS1 motherboard with IDE output, the kss was 8.2.

    I will send the images with the RDC model, motherboard and the communication error that is on the smartpad.

    KSS images tested:






    I passed the KSS 8.3 Win7 image and remade the catalog according to the robot being used, however the only problem that remains in the robot is that it does not connect with the control unit. Does the motherboard version influence the RDC or something in the robot's communication?

    Another thing that happened is that on an external monitor with older KSS 8.3 images the display image is grainy, but only on the monitor, on the smartpad it is normal. The only image that didn't happen was 8.3.39.

    NOTE: I also tried to use a WinXP 8.2.22 image but blue screen happens.

    Hello people!

    Can I update a robot from KSS 8.2 to KSS 8.3?

    I have a robot that his HD has damanged, it was a very old HD and was changed to an SSD, if I pass an image of an HD SSD 8.3 and redo the robot catalog in WoV can it work?

    I'm just trying to make the robot work, I don't need its previous backup.

    Hello everyone, everything good?

    Is there a list where I can check which version of the technology package is compatible with a specific KSS?

    For example which version of the grippertech package works with KSS 8.3.14?

    I searched the forum but found nothing.

    Thanks for any help.

    Thanks for the load determination study you gave me.

    Regarding point 3, which $ advance would be good for the program? In which the robot did not check any wrong sign of the machine.

    Regarding the supplementary load, I didn't check it, I was going to use the Kuka.load standard, but only without mass, as there are only 2 cables passing over the A3 axis.

    Again, thank you very much!

    You are a master at KUKA robots.