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    Hello brothers, i need some help i will appreciate all support or ideas :beerchug:

    The thing is a partner bought a Fanuc mate 50iC/5L from a school and it wont move, teach pendant works and all fine but robot wont move.
    I have the idea that i must reset the quick reference position, so robot remembers that position and then i can move but i dont know if thats the real problem, does anyone have some knowledge about this?

    And if I am right and i need to reset the quick reference position, how do I release the brake control to jog the axes???
    I mean i have worked with Yaskawa robots and they have a screw that releases the brakes of the motors but in this robot i didnt see something similar...

    I appretiate your time and support, thanks in advance. :bravo:

    Yeah thank you man, it helped me, the problem was that wire wasnt comming out because wire feeder motor wasnt getting active when ARCON, so i just jumped the coil of the relays that activates the electrovalve, so now arc, wire and gas work at the same time, and it welds now :D

    It isnt the right way to do it but it works, it is too old so i guess i must be satisfied that it still works XD

    Thanks for time and support man :D

    Yeah man, thank you very much, it helped me a lot! I didnt understand how it works but i do now, i made the robot weld, i guess it wasnt the best way cause the thing was the relay that activates the wire feeder motor wasnt getting active but electrovalve does, so i just jumped their coils and now when ARCON activates the electrovalve it activates the motor too XD

    I think i cant control the current and voltage with AWELD and VWELD because of it(havent try it) but it doesnt matter since im gonna weld always with same current i just adjust it on the welding machine with the current control on local position :D

    I know it isnt the right way to do it but it works XD

    Thanks for your time and help :top: :top:

    OOOhh ok ok, I understand now how this works, im gonna try with it, Im using a HOBARD MEGA-MIG 450 RVS

    Does wire needs to be touching the piece to be weld at the moment that ARCON comes on, i mean what happends if it isnt touching the piece at that moment? Should it only feed more wire or give an error on arc confirm?

    Thanks for your help, ill wait for your answer


    I have problems with I/O at the moment i wanna set them HIGH by programming, and i also dont have the knowledge about how they work and how can i now what I/O correspond to what physically, for example the only output that i know with certainty its OUTPUT 63 that corresponds to the Wire feeder, but the main problem its that i know this because when i press OUTPUT and + key at the same time on the TeachPendand Wire starts going out but then i try to make it by program for example this way...

    DOUT#63 1
    DOUT#63 0

    As far as i know and understand by doing that wire should start going out isnt it? but at the moment i play it, it doesnt read or do those conditions it only does the timmer condition and then ends, like it jumps them. Do anyone knows a reason for this? Not sure if im programming it wrong or what...

    Second question:
    How does ARCON works? I mean it only let current flows or does it put the wire to flow too?

    All help its appreciated, Thanks in advanced

    It wasnt doing contact with the piece, im working with a HOBART MEGA-MIG450 rvs, i put the robot making contact with the piece, turned on the machine but with voltage local control and it welded, like for half a second...

    I tryied pressing OUTPUT+ON on the teach pendandt output 63 and wire comes out, so wire feeder works fine, the thing is that i cannot make it work on remote and i cannot make wire walk when programming, i tryied with DOUT#63 1 on the program then ARCON but it doesnt work, program jumps that instruction, im not sure if wire should walk alone only with ARCON, ARCOF, VWELD, AWELD instructions or if i need to set high the wire and gas outputs too on the program.

    Again if i need to set them high then low when needed it doesnt work :icon_frown: Electro valve turns on when ARCON instruction is active then alarm pops out and it stops, but wire relay never gets active unless i do it with teach pendant.

    I would use some help please, im not sure if im programming it the wrong way.

    Thanks for your help and time.


    Ive been working with a k6sb, i already fixed lots of alarms and errors, learned tons of new thing but now i have a problem with it, i wanna start welding with it, i do all movements with it and its fine but at the moment it should start welding it wont make it and wire wont go out and it gives an alarm 2020 MISSING ARC GENERAION CONFIRM i would apprettiate some help to fix it and make it weld.

    I do this at the program to weld...
    AWELD 3.16
    MOVJ .....

    Thanks for your help and time, greetings. I hope someone can help me :D

    Hi, I'm gonna move a K6SB robot from a work place to another , but my doubt is that if i need take some cares or something before unplugging and moving it .
    I dont want to have problems with its memory , function or performance when installing it again.

    I hope you can help me. :zwink:

    Hi everyone:

    Recently ive been working with a k6sb and ive solved some problems and errors that it had but i got stuck with the next one at the moment i power on the machine, i really need your help and i would appretiate it a lot.

    SV1: 1 00 0000_0000
    2 05 0000_0010
    3 00 0000_0000
    SV2: 1 00 0000_0000
    2 00 0000_0000
    3 01 0000_0001
    SV3: 1 00 0000_0000
    2 00 0000_0000
    3 00 0000_0000
    SV4: 1 00 0000_0000
    2 00 0000_0000
    3 00 0000_0000

    Thats what screen shows, ive been researching for info and ive found on the manual and forums that i need to short circuit the pins 8 and 12 for the S,L,U encoders and 6 and 12 for the R,B,T enconders, the issue is that i really dont know how to do it, since manual doesnt explain it very well and im kinda newbie on this subject, i would like to know if i gotta short circuit them with the machine turned on or how, and if i gotta do it on the servopack board unplugging the encoder cable or do it directly on the encoder cable by disconnecting it, the ones that have alarm are T and L axis.

    And ive also checked both batteries, the one on the door of the k6sb and the one on the base of the robot, im gonna replace them both, but as far as i know i gotta replace them after i do the short circuit stuff, let me know if im wrong please.

    I really need your help to know if thats the way to solve the problem and how to do it or if i need to do something else... i really appretiate your help, greetings

    Robodoc i need you... :bawling: :icon_mrgreen: