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    One thing I noticed on my own robot controller (R30iA) is that it won't read anything greater than 2 GB flash drive, I can only use 2 GBs or less on all my robots. I think it's supposed to be like this, but someone else can confirm. And Welcome to the forum

    I still do not understand what the difference is between image backup and All of the above. Of course, it's best to back up everything, but if I just make a small teach point modification, what is the bare minimum I should backup?

    If my robot loses all memory, will an all of the above backup suffice? I think it should, because it has all the TP programs and all the master count data, correct?

    Thanks for the help guys, I appreciate it!

    Also, quick and easy question, if I make a change to a point on these robots, is doing an "all of the above" backup sufficient or do I need to do a full image? Does a full image backup include all the tp programs within it?

    Good afternoon all, hope everyone is doing well. I want to change the IP address on the robot and the plc it's communicating with, so when I go to the "I/o Ethernet IP" page and hit "config", it is showing me the ip address of my plc, but I cannot change it since it's read only.

    When I hit 'next', I see "exp-msg" and I see the correct IP address there for my PLC. Is this the correct place to change the IP address of PLC? Any other steps required?

    Furthermore, where can I find the robot ip address and how can I change that?


    Is it safe to replace the SRAM + DRAM card with power on? Both sit on the main CPU A Board. With controller power on and backup battery plugged in, If I pull out the entire Main CPU A board, and swap out the SRAM and DRAM cards, hypothetically I should not lose anything, correct?

    So if my SRAM memory card goes bad, do I have to re-upload all the TP and image backup files? What about DRAM and FROM?

    Good morning all, I have a FANUC R30iA controller and wanted to understand some of my spare parts. I have one SRAM card (A05B-2500-H064) and one DRAM card (a05B-2500-H021), and I wanted some one to explain the purpose of these two cards inside my controller? This is for my own general understanding of the machine parts. Thank you!

    I see, so this master count value always remains the same throughout the life of the robot, unless power goes off and batteries are dead, correct? Then once these are replaced, these values will automatically change? So I have to get the original master count data and put this back into the robot, correct?

    Or is the master count data always changing whenever the robot moves around?

    No I don't plan to change out the encoders anymore, I'm speaking hypothetically now. If the pulse-coder cable goes bad, and I have to replace it, then according to what I have read, I need to:

    1st backup the image and AoA files, then

    2nd take a picture of the master count in case the robot moves, correct?

    3rd change the encoder cable out.

    4th restore my image and AoA files, which already has the original master count #s values.

    5th double check master count values

    6th single axis master each axis back to 25° assuming everything was at 25° before unplugging the encoder cables

    Are these the correct steps when trying to replace any encoder cables on the robot?

    Controller: R30iA

    Robot: M70iC/70

    Right, okay, let's say everything is at 25°, and I have an image and 'all of the above' backup at this location. I then move the robot slightly so all axises are different. Then I unplug the pulse-coder on each motor. When the robot powers on, I should just be able to move everything back to 25° and restore my image and 'all of the above' backup, correct? What does the master count have to do with any of this, if it's already saved in the image / 'all of the above' backup? This way, I don't have to re-master anything since everything is in one of the backup files.

    The EE cable [rm1] cable is going from the back of the robot into the servo amplifier, it's not too difficult to change. There is an RP1 cable as well right next to that.

    Help me to understand this. Lets say hypothetically all 6 axis of my robot are at 0° witness mark and lets say all master counts are at 1000 and I take an image of this.

    Let's say I accidentally move all 6 joints to 5° and I don't have the master count. Am I able to move everything back to 0° using the POSN screen, and then restore my image file without having to change the master count data, or do I need to go back and change these to 1000?