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    BEWARE! Use only version 3.0.9 of Work Visual for the iiwa. Never a version above. It will crash.

    It happens to me , i open it with higher version of Wv ,

    now when i am trying to open IOConfiguration.wvs its always going to open it on the same higher version. even i reinstalled the correct Wv.

    can you please help me how can solve this issue.

    Sunrise version -

    Accepted Wv version is - V5.0.5

    higher version - V5.0.10

    Hello Everyone!

    please help !

    - After reboot the controller, In smartpad > information menu showing a status - Some information could not be retrieved (Attached Image)

    - And also not showing any data about Application(0 - programs) , frames(Unknown) , Process data(Unknown).

    - Not able to connect with Sunrise workbench because of Network communication error.

    To solve this issue I tried from my side some possible steps :-

    - Multiple time restart the controller.

    - Connect and disconnect the Smartpad Cable.

    - Clean the RAM and fix back.

    - Change the LAN cable.

    - Checked the Network adopter settings.

    Please help to solve this issue!