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    panic mode : Thanks for detailed explanation.

    Point 5: safety PLC must set reserved bits of safety interface high

    - Just for clarification, does this mean that I have to set 64 safe outputs to high in safety program ? Because I am not sure on what output addresses are for emergency stops and safety doors and what are reserved bits! for a start, I am only using S7-1511- F1 PN without any safe IO modules connected.

    SkyeFire : Thanks for the Information. Safe I/O size is 64 on both sides. Safe ID is 7 on both sides. I tried with F_WD timer 150 ms, 250 ms and 500 ms as is suggested in the previous threads related to this same error.

    What I am missing is a safety program in PLC to handle the robot's safety interface. Can anyone please share an example or hand book on how to do it ? Thanks in advance!

    Hi SkyeFire,

    The robot comes with Profinet Profisafe device v3.2.

    In work visual -> Profinet IO, I can only see 0 or 64 in 'no of safe IOs' column.

    There is no safe operation installed!

    I tried with X11 disconnected and Connected. In both cases, It doesn't affect the error messages, 'Safe device communication error' and 'Safety Stop'.

    I tried with 0 safe IOs from robot side, deleted 64 safe IOs in Siemens GSD device, in order to establish only Profinet connection. I had a successful connection and normal 256 IOs are working fine.

    It is only when i selected 64 safe IOs on Robot side and PLC side, i got this error back!

    After disconnecting X11 connector, do I have to make any more hardware changes ?

    The profinet safety ID in Robot is 7.

    On PLC KRC4 GSD - f_source_add: 7, f_dest_add: 7, F_WD_Time: 250ms

    PLC s7 1511 F-1 PN - low limit for f destination add: 1, high limit for f destination address: 99, central f source address: 7, default f_monitoring time: 250ms

    Did I address them correctly ?

    Do I have to map the 64 safety inputs somewhere in safety program?

    Hello Admin,

    I am using: KRC4 Compact, KSS 8.3.32, KR10 R1100 Sixx, Profinet Profisafe Device 3.2.0, Work Visual 5.0 <-> Siemens PLC S7-1511 F-1 PN, TIA V14 SP1

    For first time, I am configuring Profisafe communication between KRC4 Compact and S7 1511 F-1. The robot is ordered with Profisafe communication. In addition, X11 is configured and external enable signals bridged.(I couldn't find X311 to bridge!)

    I read the previous threads regarding this issue but i couldn't solve the problem. I still have the error 'Safe device communication error Profinet Device'.

    The profisafe ID's in PLC and Robot is set to 1. F_WD time increased to 500ms.

    Do I have to bridge something in hardware? or Do I have to change Profisafe ID settings ? Where and How to set RES signals to True in PLC?

    Attached PDF show present status of PLC.

    Please help !

    SkyeFire : Thanks for the help. This robot is sitting idle for last two years and may be a total of 3 working hours with this robot. It's working fine before two years and when it is taken out of inventory for recommissioning, I got these set of errors.

    panic mode : Thanks for the help. I sent the diagnostic file to KUKA and they said that they have to replace KSPsr and surprisingly didn't mention anything about RDC. I am scheduling an appointment shortly. Once this problem is solved, I will write in detail about what KUKA technician did, the existing problems and solutions.

    Thank you once again:thumbup:

    Dear Admin,

    I am commissioning KRC4 Compact controller, KRC V8.3.32 with KR10 R1100 Sixx Agilus Robot. I have some errors during startup and can’t even start the Robot in IBN modus.


    1) No Connection to RDC Possible

    2) Confirmation of safety configuration required

    3) EtherCAT device KUKA servo pack not connected to bus

    4) Workspace monitoring functions deactivated

    5) No Robot number programmed

    6) Safety Stop

    I have already tried the following points:

    1. Physically check cabinet for loose wiring and broken pins in connectors. Everything looks okay.
    2. Wired X11 and tested it. It looks okay.
    3. Tried installing Base project that comes with Robot. But the errors still persist.
    4. Tried activating safety configuration with different settings but no success. It gives red error stating that ‘Safety configuration could not be activated’
    5. Went through the KUKA Roboter Forum for solutions but couldn’t find necessary info.
    6. Checked for RDC folder in Windows but this folder didn’t exist. It also says ‘Suitable mam file doesn’t exist - error8’

    Can someone please help me on how to proceed forward. Thank you.

    The problem is solved !

    For anyone who is facing the similar problem, completely wire the safety network including enable 1 and 2. In my case, 'KSS00404 Safety Stop' has nothing to do with MCFB option. It's just the complete and correct wiring of X11.

    Thank you panic mode !

    Hello Panic Mode,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have completed the wiring, verified for proper connections on X11, X402 and X403. They are found to be correct. But I still have this error 'KSS00404 Safety Stop - Install MCFB option or controller will remain in fault state' :mad:! Where and How can I install this MCFB option ?

    In the Safety configuration, X11 is active. Safety Configuration is set to: Customer Interface - Automatic, Operator Safety Ack: Push Button.
    Profisafe add-on is available in my KRC4 compact, but don't know how to check if it is selected !

    Connections X11:

    1>2 & 10>11 : E-Stop External (NC)
    3>4 & 12>13 : Operator Safety (Shorted with Jumper)
    5>6 & 14>15 : Ack (NO Push Button)

    7>8 & 16>17 : Safe Op Stop (Shorted with Jumper)
    18>19 & 28>29 : Safety Stop 2 (NO Push Button) (There is an error at input 5, if I am using jumper or NC here)
    20>21 & 30>31 : Consent Extern 1 and Ext Enable 1 (NO Push Button)
    22>23 & 32>33 : Ext Enabling 2 (NO Push Button)

    Please help me to get rid of this error :help:

    Good Morning,

    I am a newbie to KUKA robots. I have searched for the answers from previous posts and couldn't find a solution. Please help !

    I am using-
    Robot:KR10R1100 Sixx Compact Agilus, KRC 4
    KSS : v8.3.32
    Profinet Profisafe Device: v3.2.0
    GripperSpotTech : v4.0.6
    Work Visual : v4.0.24

    After connecting all the emergency stops and external safety devices, I still have one error: 'KSS00404 Safety Stop', and solution is recommended as 'Install MCFB option or internal state of controller will remain in fault state' !

    Please suggest some solution. Thank you !