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    The abort key or its signal can work when you have error in the system when robot was palletizing.

    If you stop robot by the hold key, you can start robot and it will do the cycle and finish it.

    If you have error in pick/place, you can use ignore or abort signal.

    If press ignore signal robot continue the cycle and error will be reset.

    If press abort (if robot have box), it will go to home and go to reject station, release boxes and come back to home. The build station will be lock and you need to confirm the realese done and unlock build station.

    After that robot will do previous cycle again.

    If you have PLC and will use PLC control, you need connect PLC and controller via a network same as Profinet , Ethernet IP,...

    In the time all controls are by PLC and you need exchange all I/Os between robot and PLC.

    Your sensor is connected to physical terminal, for example you connect it to 20030 , you must check in the ladder #20030 is connected to which input address , by default that is connected to the #10 (IN#1).

    Now you need map this address to the Ethernet IP address.( I don't know how is your setting for Ethernet IP but if you map automatic the address is from #30070 to send any data to the PLC), you need connect #10 to the #30070.

    But you need ladder edit knowledge because some of these signals are in byte and need separate those.


    For create the user need define 3 point, one ORG that is zero point, other point in X direction and other in XY plane. Therefore after define the angle between X and Y will be 90 degree.

    The normal Via points will use in all pattern and you couldn't tell in one pattern use or not use.

    You can modify the motion jobs (pick and place job) that have Via point in those by your needs, you can use IF instruction that when your condition (product size ,...) was correct, the via point become active.

    You need to active via points in USER_ADJUSTMENTS job and it will work for all patterns.

    If you need parameter for connection between robot controller and welder, contact Yaskawa for do it.

    If you need parameter for welding by SKS, contact SKS for it parameter or test by your selves for find the best parameters for welding.

    See below link, there are a manual that can help you, it is for NX100 but can help you.


    At the first you need to solve the alarm 4228.

    This alarm show robot lose some data in the jobs same as positions data.

    If you have backup from your jobs, you can delete all controller jobs and load again.

    Also you can go to SETUP menu , wrong data log menu and under UTILITY menu, press RESTORE and restart controller. You must do it for any page is active in the wrong data log menu. There are document for it, search for it.

    After solve this alarm , the alarm 4203 will lose too.

    Yes, you can a job and set it for MASTER job, you can write your code in this job and under a loop. Always your conditions are check, when it was correct, it will run a job in your condition.

    For return to up MASTER job automatic, you need to set CALL MASTER JOB signal to ON (you can give a pulse to it ) , after send this signal job will reset and go to MASTER job and first line it.

    Note, for use any signals from external, turn key on the pendant on the remote mode.

    I think so you have two different problem in your system,check the error according to "95devils" notes.

    For hold lamp that is always ON, check if you have any stop key in your system that is connected to the safety terminal in the door of controller. The external hold key connect to EX Hold+ and Ex.Hold- in the terminal and pin 19 and 20. Check which wires are connected to these pins.

    If you have any things connected to it, follow it.

    Pin 19 and 20 need a normally close signal.

    Do you have CMOS.bin from real robot?

    If yes, create a new project, go to controller tab in the Motosim, press new and load you CMOS.bin from it.

    If you have only job files (* .JBI files), open a new controller, select you controller type (DX100), select your manipulator and when you see the robot in the window, open pendant in the controller tab, put you files in the folder up side of pendant (press on the folder shape to open it), go to ex. Memory, load and select jobs and load on the motosim.

    The ladder editor software need a hardware key for use and you need buy from Yaskawa but there are a free software for it, that is in the forum. You can use it.


    How you will check the robot reach to your target point?

    If you have sensor for this point, you can connect your sensor to the high speed inputs (RIN#) signals. This signal use in Mov instruction with SRCH tag for move and stop when your sensor received to find part.

    If you will only check the robot received to a point in your job, you can set a variable or active a output when robot received to the end of point you set.

    Please more explain about you application.

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