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    Connect an external monitor to see if the graphic card is providing anything. Next check if your keys work (CAN Bus KCP). Check the connection from the graphic card down to the KCP connector. Check the safety functions of the KCP (e-stop, Drives On etc). Narrow it down to the root cause. Let me know what you found...

    Never heard of KSS V5.7xx. However V5.x use Windows XPe embedded not Win 95. Assuming your robot needs Win95 and lost the network adapter for vxworks a normal reinstall from the KUKA CD should be successful. In my opinion where you have an older machine like that and especially if you don't have the installation software, you should always keep a complete HDD-Image or even better a prepared HDD with the copy of the existing one. If your Hard drive is healthy and not messed up you should still have the path D:\KRC1CD where you can run the setup.exe for re-installation....

    I need a way to automatically export the Logbook (Filter ALL) in KRC2 and KRC4 environment. The idea is to save the Logbook on a server and to search for events like LogOn, Line selection, Touch-up etc. Any ideas?

    Someone knows how to remove the rights of manual jogging from a User with Level 10 or less? Or eventually a System Variable that reflects the current User Mode? I need to prevent an unauthorized move of the robot, which also means a restriction of the Program Start+ and Start- Buttons would be nice.

    That is normal.
    After a reboot the brake test is necessary!
    Someone could have changed the brakes or other strange things before switching on the controller. So the brakes must be checked.

    Furthermore it will repeat the brake test periodically defined in BrakeTestdrv.ini / BrakeTestCycTime=24 (here every 24 hours).

    Solution: Never shut down the controller :icon_smile:

    Like said its a KRC2. And just for fun I tried to import everything. And everything is in the database but nothing appears on my Monitor screens. :mad:

    KIS is a KUKA installation disk. If you don't have a directory KIS somewhere you're lost. Try to reinstall to another Hard drive using the KUKA CD including Windows. Hopefully that installs the shared memory driver. Or if possible image another running system to your system and install the required KUKA KSS.

    Without the Shared memory driver your system won't work! :icon_frown:

    OK. The message shows "no shared memory driver yet installed". I don't know how you reinstalled the software but check under Network settings if you have an active connection to
    If you just did a KRC Reinstallation or a regular Windows installation without KIS it maybe doesn't work.

    Most of the time you see an error like this is when something is wrong with the MFC or files in your system are corrupted. Eventually try to run something like scandisk. If that comes back with errors, I would say your files are corrupted. Otherwise I would check/replace the MFC card.

    Hi RS!
    It is a KRC2 system. I followed your suggestion but it won't work. I figured as soon as I import (modify the database) it looses the names in the Monitor Screen. All changes are still in the database and can be exported to a text file.

    Thank you sjx!
    That pointed me in the right direction. In my case I needed to select the first entry in the list HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Video as shown here
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Video\{1D463511-CE9C-4ED6-BF8E-DA9D988357A0}\0000] and change the entry for DisplayFlags as described in the previous post!

    I do have a similar problem. I know the imported names get stored in C:\KRC\Data\kuka_con.mdb. I recently changed my robots from (KUKA) Windows XPe1.xx to XPe2.xx. I loaded later on the Backups to the newly installed Software. Since then I lost my I/O names. Using the Longtext Editor in View mode I see all names inside the Database. An export to a text file also works. An Import back updates the database too. But whatever I try the Longtext names are not available in the Monitor Window nor when I try to add a wait line in the program or so.

    Any ideas?

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