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    I would get a vacuum cup representative involved. They have a lot of cup options single-bellows, double-bellows, ect...
    It may require a larger pump/generator.

    Explore this avenue before re-inventing the wheel.

    So, you were picking from the bottom of the pot with no hole.

    You said a hole, I assume that means one and it is in the middle? Can you position your cups around this hole? Just guessing but sounds like you need to get a cup rep involved they have lots of options then you may not need to re-engineer your entire process.

    Being a "PLC" guy I like the ability to program from the PLC. Allen Bradley (RSLogix 5000) allows this through their AOI's (Add On Instructions). I have seen some Robot Manufacturers that are using these (not a lot yet). This simplifies the integration process.


    Which Robot is easiest to program?

    That depends on a few things. If you have a maintenance background you probably like the Robot that has the best TP interface. If you are a Robot Programmer then probably depends on the robot system that either you learned first or the one that you have spent the most time on (this is probably the same with maintenance guys/gals). If you are a controls engineer you probably like the Robot that has the best interface to PLC/PC.


    Scara robots when going head to head with a 6 axis (reach/payload) should be significantly less than a 6 axis robot. The scara robots of today are generally much faster too. The main draw-back is if you need a the articulation of 6 axis then a 4-axis Scara can not compete. If you are going for reach I have seen Scaras mounted on a 5th axis (slide) and still provide interpolated motion.


    Well, it is not a Yamaha. Yamaha Robots do not require calibration. (just Origin)

    Also, Yamaha does NOT refer to any axis as "J" (for joint) I assume.

    Going through the legacy (I may miss some of the first ones but these are what I am aware of)
    RPB (Current)