Help Please, with Yamaha Robot

  • Hello,
    I just purchased a Yamaha robot from a salvage company. The robot is comprised of two Flip-x units, a SRCX-05 controller, an ERCX sub-controller, a TPB, and all of the supporting cables. Judging by the documentation and serial numbers this appears to be a matched set. The vendor also stated that he pulled it all out of the same functioning workcel.

    After wiring it all together, the robot powers on to an alarm. The error LEDs on the SRCX and ERCX illuminate red and do not change. The alarm on the TPB is "X21:BAD NETWORK"

    Referencing this error in the documentation states that there might be three causes:

    1. Breaking of network cables. - I believe this to mean the COM cable between the SRCX and ERCX. The cable has good continuity, and should not this error occur when the program is running, not on initial power on?

    2. Power on timing is not coincident. - The SRCX is wired to a power strip. The ERCX is powered by a 24VDC supply wired to the same power strip. Both the SRCX and the 24VDC supply power on at the same time when I power on the strip. Both Error LED illuminate on the SRCX and the ERCX at the same time when I power on.

    3. Unit version numbers do not match. - There is a sticker on the robot indicating that the serial numbers of the controllers must match to the robot. They do. I can't imagine that one controller got a firmware update and the other did not

    So this robot has been sitting idle for a fairly long time with the absolute batteries disconnected. Could this be a root of the problem? The batteries have voltages of 2.6 and 4. The nominal value is 3.6. So I would think the lower voltage battery would initiate an alarm 23:ABS.BAT.L-VOLTAGE.

    In that vein, could the internal backup batteries be dead and causing the error? Guess I get to open the controller up and take a look.

    If anyone can provide any advice, it would be appreciated.
    Thank you

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  • Well, I checked the back up battery. It was 3 VDC. Shorting it for 5 seconds brought the voltage to 2.960, and it climbed back to 3 in about 10 seconds. Not a new battery, but far from dead.

    There is a jumper for 100-115 VAC line input and remove jumper for 200-230 VAC line input. It was shorted for 110 VAC. I removed the jumper and input 110VAC. The behavior was the same as with the jumper. I then input 220VAC and the behavior was the same still. Its like you don't need to be concerned with this jumper.

    Does anybody have any ideas?

    Is there some I/O line that I need to take high (or low) on power up? I have wired the I/O terminal block as instructed by the manual.

    Heck, I have set a reset through the I/O and it isn't doing anything.
    Emergency stop doesn't do anything either.

    I disassembled the controller and nothing looked amiss inside. No burnt smell, no dark areas, no corrosion, tight connectors.

    Surely someone else has worked with Yamaha robots before. Do you have any ideas? Did you ever see an alarm 21:bad network?

    Thank you

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