Which robot is easiest to program

  • Are there any robots that can be programmed with C/C++?

    I have so far used Toshiba and Fanuc robots, and each has its own cheesy language. Are there any robots out there that use standard programming languages, that you could get a seasoned computer engineer to work on directly without having the hassle of learning its dedicated programming language. And do you recommend such a robot?


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  • The primary industrial robots all use their own proprietary languages -- RAPID for ABB, KRL for KUKA, etc.

    ROS, the open-source robot operating system, may be more what you're looking for, but I don't think it's available on any industrial robots as of yet, except perhaps certain Motoman models.

  • I just add SkyeFire opinion............

    Eventhough every Robot manufacturer use their own language, but the language is very closed same as general programming language.
    For example.......
    ABB RAPID is almost same with C / Pascal language.
    Motoman INFORM is almost same with Assembler language.

    INFORM is easier to built than RAPID, but more difficult another person to understand our program.
    RAPID is more difficult/complex to built than INFORM, but easier for another person to understand our program (more user friendly).

    As a robot programmer, my job is to make sure we have same algorithm on both ABB or Yaskawa robot program when we applicate it on the same system.

  • Which Robot is easiest to program?

    That depends on a few things. If you have a maintenance background you probably like the Robot that has the best TP interface. If you are a Robot Programmer then probably depends on the robot system that either you learned first or the one that you have spent the most time on (this is probably the same with maintenance guys/gals). If you are a controls engineer you probably like the Robot that has the best interface to PLC/PC.


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