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    Dear all,

    i got AFC file for kuka motor, since i built in workshop the entire linear railway, and not the original one from kuka.
    how can i import AFC file to workvisual??

    thanks for all the help

    Dear all,

    i have an external motor, MG 464 KSP40, KSS 8.3.13
    the motor is installed, configured as E1 and moving as well.
    but what i get is deg. data, and if i want it to move 100mm it's move 100deg
    where i can change it, so it will move 100mm as i needed, and which data i need to look for, so it will work.
    thank in advance for all who can help


    i done something similar, i have a 3d camera which corrects the gripper to go inside a box.
    i getting data from camera, and send it to the robot using krl

    i configure the robot as my server, once i get data from the camera, i convert it and send it to the krl, in e6pos
    the robot change the location and go down to the box.

    if you want, i can send you my code, so you can look at it.

    DEF SubProgram(myFRAMETYPE:IN ,myTOOL_BASE_Nr:IN )
    ;declaring the variables that we get from outside the sub program
    decl int myFRAMETYPE
    decl int myTOOL_BASE_Nr

    Dear all

    i have kuka paltizer , KRC4, kuka robot kr120 PA, new robot that i got from kuka.
    but i have now error message "FAN SPEED TOO LOW"

    what is wrong? and how can i fix it?
    first time i have this error and on new robot

    thanks for all the help i can get


    i got from kuka two files,
    KSS 8.2.27 and kss 8.3.14
    i like the 8.3.14 better, since i can define the tool and base with the workVisual

    the two files contains, image files and setup files.
    kuka tech instructed me how to upgrade the system.

    all worked great, i even created a new WOV from scratch, add the component and uploaded it to the robot.
    but saddenly, i got this strange error, and i see the screen on the smartpad, and few seconds later it's move to upgrade.
    i think there is a process stucked there :wallbash:

    dear panic,

    i gave it 24hours, and still i have this message.
    i see the robot hmi, and a few second after, i get this strange screen.
    should i make reinstall of the kss, so it will make again the installtion of the firmware??

    i upgraded from kss8.2 to 8.3, and since 8.2 is xp and 8.3 is windows 7, i think something went wrong

    hello to all,

    i recently updated kss 8.2.X to 8.3.14.
    everything is update, and i even update the WOV file on kuka robot.
    but now i getting strange message on my smart pad:

    aktualisierung wird durchgefuhrt...
    bitte smartpad nicht abstecken

    i tried to run setup again from the d drive, but getting this message again.
    according to google translate, the smartpad is updating itself and i should not disconnect it, it was plugged 24 hours, with no diffrance.
    if someone knows how to solved it, it will be great, since kuka will be at work only tommrow and i have it since friday :wallbash:

    Dear all,

    i have a robot that move in a path that created by solid works and robot works.
    the path is about 1250 LIN commands, which using C_DIS to make conitnoues movement.
    how i can send information to a computer whithout breaking the conitnoues movement?
    for example

    for i=1 to 1250
    lin {x,y,z,a,b,c} C_DIS

    if i will add the continue command before sendData() i will get data before the robot will finish his LIN command

    Dear all,

    i talked with kuka ppl, and they have something called DAS, which can give me reading of 1 or 2 ms.
    the problem is that i want to get it in real time, and the robot cycle is 12ms

    does anyone have exprinced with FSD , and know how can i send data in real time to the computer??
    i remmber i read that RSI have it's own real-time network card, and as i brought it up to kuka they talked about VxWork, or something like that.

    if any own have it will be great.

    well you did not provide much to go on... looks like you don't really want an answer... :icon_wink:

    did you read system requirements and installation instructions? What OS is used in your VM: Linux/Wine, Win2000, XP, Win7 etc? Is it 32 or 64 bit OS? How much memory did you give it? Which exact 3.1 version of WorkVisual you are trying to install? What DotNET framework you have installed? How much free HDD space you have there? Was installation deemed success? What is installation log telling you?

    lot's of question :smiling_face:

    the are sometimes problems with the VM, when you installing WOV, there are additional installtion that going on with the WOV,
    DontNet35 fixes, lanaguage, Visual C redistubale (hate that word) files, framework, and so on and so on.
    try to reinstall the software and check if there is error while installing the other software, i had this once, and there was some problems with VM, so i using now the VirtualBox from oracle, and works great

    I use browse command from WV retrieve the project from the robot make the changes and then deploy.
    You can export individual files when working in WV so you can make changes a the office, export the files you worked on and then retrieve project from robot, import files and deploy.

    this is what i also doing, downloading the software, making change and upload back to the robot.
    but it's erasing all variables data when i doing it.

    dear all,

    i using kuka Work Visual, to upload new program to the robot, and each time, it's erasing the data that stored inside the robot.
    is there any why to work with WOV, without erasing the data??

    i making changes from distance, and then uploading it to the robot, while integrator is checking the software.

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