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    Are you using the Fanuc provided module or just using a generic ethernet module?

    I have personally seen an install where multiple slots were used, but that was because we had to run one slot at max RPI due to the nature of data (Dynamic Path Modification).

    I agree with HawkeME here. If you need more IO, you usually just increase the length of the data for slot 1.

    A hack from the vendor is still a hack. When the next time it has to be mastered comes around, if the stickers weren't moved, or the new mastering position wasn't marked or documented in some way, I feel sorry for the poor bastard that has to deal with it. Probably why Fanuc still uses stickers for mastering position.

    Kwakisaki's solution is really the correct one here.

    Modifying the J1 mastering effectively rotates the world frame about Z relative to the base casting. Don't forget to adjust your J1 soft limits.

    This is for an R30iB, so I am not sure it applies to a R30iA.

    During your axis 7 setup, you can enter a custom angle into the traverse direction.

    Figure out what that angle is, and enter it. J1 custom mastering would work too, but feels a bit hacky.

    I did this on some RJ3iB robots, and I wired a jumper for the T2 contact so that when the operator placed the robot into T2 mode, it would stay in T1.

    For your case though, the robot defaults to T1 even if you disconnect the teach switch entirely. You would be fine if you removed the wiring.

    In my case, it was an issue, because on that era of controller, if you removed the wiring the robot would default to T2. Fanuc fixed this on the R30iA version of controller.

    Another option would be to just move to the point, grip, then do a wait until your press is fully stroked. The robot will track during a wait statement.

    After your wait statement is done, just exit the program into a non tracking program, wait for the press to be retracted, and continue the rest of your process.

    If your table is fine, you can still teach a frame to it, and then convert your program to your frame. The frame convert utility under utilities will let you do this.

    You are using the correct moment of inertia axis, but your reference coordinate system is wrong.

    Z needs to be out of the faceplate interface, and X needs to be to the top dowel.

    Also, contact your Fanuc rep, and ask for the latest version of the payload checker excel sheet. You can input the numbers you got from creo into it, and it will tell you if the robot you selected is within payload or not.

    Judging by the size of your wrist bolt pattern, you would be fine.

    I think the handling tool operations manual goes over them. The arc tool manual might be a better bet, as that tool deals with a lot of multi robot cells with trunions and the like.

    The thousand foot view is that you make a group for one or more axis that may need to be controlled independently. The two groups can be coordinated together, but placing the axis in seperate groups allows you to have the option of independent motion when needed.

    Two robots that need to coordinate for a specific portion of the process, but can do seperate operations otherwise? Two groups. The situation you described? Two groups. Robot on a rail? Can be two groups, but way easier to control if you just define the rail axis as an extended axis. Gripper with integrated servo for positioning? Probably two groups, but could be extended axis.

    For your situation though, it would be far cheaper, and way less complicated, to just to buy the dynamic path modification option.

    conveyor tracking is an option, isn't it? I would like to follow a conveyor without option

    If you want to pick while moving, you will need to put the line tracking option on the robot. If your conveyor is at a constant velocity, you *could* wait for a trigger, and do a flying pick, but it would be pretty janky, and require a lot of tuning if you took it to the real world.

    Need IrPickTool option. I never used in simulation because it hard to setup (at least for me) the camera, the encoder, etc

    I rather "show" a box in a attached to a moving conveyor, then at one point move the robot to the box and change the box attachment from conveyor to robot tool

    You can do line tracking in regular handling pro.

    See here:

    This is not line tracking.

    Kfloppy can connect and upload/download programs to the controller via rs232. Its been about 15 years since I used it, so you are on your own with how to use it.

    There are several posts on the forum about it though, so you may be able to find more information on it.

    There is also a .hlp file in there, but it is plain ascii, not the windows version, so open it with a text editor.



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