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    Hi Skooter

    Thanks for your help it was useful and now the robot is running, it was my collision signal, when i tireed the wires together then the robot runs. :smiling_face:

    But now my IO-card is also lightning red, can that be because i have made a Reboot of the robot.

    Hello there. :smiling_face:

    I have this IRB 1400 robot.

    When i turn it on it makes no Faults.

    when i push the button on my teach pendant, the fault 37001 coms up.

    KM3 is pulled when i power up the robot when i push teach pendant KM1 is pulled and pulled off again

    Do any have a easy way to test the contactors or can exsplain how they works

    I know KM1 and KM2 need to be pulled together within 300msec


    Regards Kim Bak


    I have installed

    Baseware 2.0 V13 Boot Disk 1

    Baseware 2.0 V13 Boot Disk 2

    Baseware 2.0 V13 Boot Disk 3

    IRB (1) 2.0

    IRB (2) 2.0

    And now the robot works :smiling_face: :thumbs_up:

    Ihave these disks too, is it a good idea to install them too ?

    My robot is a welding robot.

    IRBP Disk 2.0

    Advanced functions 2.0

    Arcware 2.0


    Thanks for response. :smiling_face:

    I was so stupid and take the DSQC 335 out, for cleaning :frowning_face: and now it asks for the BOOT DISK

    I dont know why, but i cant upload any pictures


    I did not help cleaning all the cabel connections, it have not ben startet for seweral years, can it be the backup battery ?

    Hi Lemster68

    I will try unplug all cabel connections and clean them and then start it up again

    My robot is an ABB IRB 1400 M94A

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