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    to make it work you need to:
    1. write program (writing includes setting ColisionDetection flag),
    2. test program motions in T1
    3. deactivating CD
    4. running program in auto few times at 100% and only THEN:
    5. activate collision detection.

    What happens if I want to pack several types of products with the robot, but in such a way that I use one program for the combined products, since the products only differ in size.

    As I understand it, the program should be run 2-3 times in auto so that the robot can analyze the load and the resulting torques.

    However, if I use the same program with different parameters(would like to produce different product), then the load and thus the torques will also be different, which means that you would have to analyze it again for each type. Is there any proven method that is used for this type of problem?