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    Thank you sir you are right ours's is to old ill program this today and keep you updated!

    Thanks, Sbeve

    Update: Used 3 points with one point for the C the middle point and used the 3 point of the end of my circle.

    SkyeFire Thank you so much I will keep you updated the following days, I do not have the "Fanuc Dispense Tool" also nor the manual. But I will def try to use multiple Circs and see if that will help at all! Also one more question I have everything just set up in world mode, would it be better to use a different one like tool frame or anything else? For like the axis 5,6?

    I tried messing with the Circular motion and it since it's only a half circle it doesn't seen to like it unless I do a full circle and even with that it didn't even do a perfect one and I messed with the CNT for a long while. Ill do some messing around with it today.


    SkyeFire Ill have to check on the options that we have for the robot but we have a R-30IA mate and it is running version 7.5V. It's a very old robot and doesn't have that many options and the code it just like

    DI[1] on

    30 points with CNT very low

    DI[1] off

    there's some timers and stuff like that but when we are going threw the program it's just kind of sloppy and not the same speed all around because the robot pretty much has to move the axis 6 so far to have it glue everything. Is there more detail of the 3 thing you talked aboout?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if there would be a better way for this robot program ATM I have just like 30 points to make a 90 degree turn in a circle and it spits out glue. I already have senors set up and everything I was just wondering if there was a better way in doing this program, any help would be great! Thanks!

    Hey HawkME I was wondering how you would make a program with this controller I'm just having it put glue around a circle as shown and I tried to do about half of a circle program and I couldn't get it to line up good with the CNT and I just have a lot of points.

    I did a factory reset and it went away and I made the same program with I/O and it worked and the guy from Fanuc was telling me I couldn't use I/O because it was so old, But as another question is there anyway to make a Loop with out using LBL and Jump LBL because I do not see this option on my TP

    AlanL I am not using a karel program in this but I will def have to check the PR and check it out thank you guys Ill keep you updated! (Also I'm not using a PR but there might be one on by default)

    It just gets leaves a blank screen I called Fanuc and they told me to kick rocks pretty much. I'm probably am just going to do a factory restart and try again I suppose I've seen no answers to this and just not run it in auto mode and use a LBL and a LBL Jump to loop the program (PDL Ill check when I go down there today what does it mean if it does or doesn't?) pdl

    Ok guys any help would be great. I'm working on this old robot and it used to be a purge controls paint robot but we wanted it to squirt glue on stuff. We have been threw a lot of problems with this guy so far. We we're getting so close to done we got the I/o done and the program then we put it in auto mode to test it out and it worked great just to add a couple more I/o and call it a day. Next thing you know the controller says "INTP-311 (uninitialized data)". So we did a reboot and then no Errors or anything click any of our files and then it crashes the tp or if we try to make a new file. The only odd thing is that you can still hit the Deadman switch and reset and it clears off the screen, but you can't do anything else and you are forded to do a shut down. :question_mark:

    THANKS: Sbeve (Fyi robot still can jog with no problem if want pictures of anything let me know)

    Your hold signal is off because it got mapped to the cable when you turned on auto I/O assignment.

    Do you have a backup from before you started this? It might be easier at this point to load a backup of DIOCFGSV.IO and start over without $IO_AUTO_CFG turned on.

    Are you actually using the UOP's? Some of your UOP's are mapped to rack 35, slot 1, which is the internal always on rack.

    We are just going to use the robot to connect to the E-Stop, we were trying to hard wire into of the plc and add a air tube and that's about it I just thought I needed the D/I but I could be wrong, I'm new at this we do not have a backup of it. I messed with the $IO-AUTO_CFG and on one side the robot would move but all of the I/o was messed up and when I put it to true the robot doesn't move at all because the UOP aren't set up.

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