RoboGuide - System Error %x, %x at %x OS -144 & SYST-302 Please power off

  • Hi Guys,

    I have an annoying fault with my RoboGuide Project. I have 2 robots on a Track. A M2000ia/900L & a M2000ia/1700L both using R-30iB Plus Controllers.

    I needed to Recerialise both robots to add the Dual Check Safety (DCS) Position / Speed Check Function as it had been missed by a colleague.

    Since then both robots have have the OS-144 & syst-302 faults. I have sent a back-up to FANUC but I dont want to wait days for support.

    Hoping someone on the forum has come accross this issue as it's completely stopped the project dead until its resolved. :loudly_crying_face:

    Any help is appreciated, :crossed_fingers:


  • Lemster68

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  • In the robotic cell folder (My Workcells/'Project Name'), you have a folder called 'SavePoints' that contains daily backups of the robotic cell. You could try to revert to your last viable backup first.

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