Integrating chat gpt4 with industrial robots

  • I’m a little bit of a newbie here so pardon my French, but I have a couple of old Kawasaki zx200s I play with mainly for pleasure. I started to use chat gpt4 last night and had the brilliant idea of uploading the Kawasaki programming manual to it and it was able to write me lines of code for whatever simple task I asked it to do. I also noticed that chat gpt is efficient at recognizing what is in a photograph. I have not messed around to much with it been super busy keeping the lights on at my shop but this really sparked my curiosity. I don’t think chat gpt could control the robot directly live time but it could tell it where to go in essence and maybe write the code. For example a welding robot could be set up to take photos of the part and chat gpt could identify welded joints and where would be smart to weld them. What are your 2 cents on this topic? How are ai and vision systems currently integrated for industrial robots? Maybe at some point it will get so advanced you could plop a part into a jig say “hey Siri can you weld my part up”, it will ask you in a ai voice “I have came up with these potential tool paths to weld do you approve” and it would shine lasers to represent welded joints or show on a pc screen then go ahead and weld it all up. :thinking_face: :face_with_tongue:

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  • AI can produce somewhat random or incorrect results, so it will never be acceptable for it to take full control of a manufacturing process that must be done exactly the same correct way every time. However, it's possible it could be used to generate an offline open, then a person validates it and loads it into the robot. Then next problem with that is maintainability. It the person is always relying on AI to generate the program, then they may not be skilled enough to actually validate the program is correct or make modifications to it.

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