Prio-063 Bad I/O asg: rack 90 Slot 1

  • Hi mates, I need help. I am getting this error on my R30iA controller: "Prio-063 Bad I/O asg: rack 90 Slot 1".

    What I have done so far:

    I have viewed a number of threads for this type of error and have implemented the solutions presented in them. My situation is different in that in the threads I've seen where it is clear that this error (warning rather) does not prevent the operation of the robot. In my case it does prevent operation. This could be due to my set up which I will describe: I have an ABB PLC which gives a couple of inputs to the robot which I have made into group inputs. I use the PLC to trigger the main programme on my robot, and from the main programme I look at the group inputs from the PLC and I usde that to call subroutines. The PLC I/Os are on rack 0. I use the robot for plasma cutting. I do not have a welder connected to the system at all. Could this be the issue? The plasma power source does not have any connection to my controller, but it is connected to the PLC. By triggering one DO to the PLC, the PLC turns the plasma source on.

    I got images to show the errors and my I/O config but I am not winning with uploading them to this forum, im not sure what the Source and Link fields relate to when I select the image button, perhaps help with this will be appreciated too. I'll keep trying, maybe I'll upload them as replies. I went into my DI/DO configuration there was an invalid assignment of I/Os there. This was the same for both DIs and DOs. I then cleared the invalid assignments, I increased the number of the IOs from 512 to 1024 to see if there was any other hidden invalid assignment but there was none. Afterwards, my DI/DO config doesnt show any Invalid assignments.

    So even after clearing all invalid assignments, I still have the error. I looked up rack 90, it is the "Arclink Rack Number" of which I have no such card connected to the robot. I checked the IO process PCB on the controller and everything seems sharp, no loose connections or anything.

    Can anyone reffer me where to look or give a few suggestions of what to try? Although I have read most threads for this type of error, I will appreciate links to such threads perhaps I missed one.

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