Kawasaki D Series controller power requirement

  • Obtaining a D series controller (not sure if it is a 40 or 42).It is currently configured for 480V input Per the Kawasaki label, which was an option in the D series spec sheet. I see a reference to a transformer, is it possible to wire this unit (Presumably without the transformer) and run it on 240V 3 phase?

  • SkyeFire

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  • According to specs sheets I have for FS06L, if you have a European D40 controller (as attached).

    With a requirement of 5.9KVA with a source of between 380vac and 440vac.

    Some things need to be considered:

    1. KVA requirement, can this be provided by a lower three phase source.

    2. The primary of the mains transformer supplies the following secondary supplies:

    a. 26vac to supply brakes.

    b. 210vac - 230vac to supply AVR (Low voltage power supply.

    c. 210vac - 230vac to supply Single phase outlet (if required).

    d. 210vac - 230vac three phase to supply the power electronics (MC Unit and Power block source).

    No idea if this can be done as I have never cut and shut any controllers outside of the supplied conditions, so good luck if you can manage it.

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