[Replace old robot] different tabs on the TP (settings, receipts, ...): how to create this?

  • Hi all,

    We need to replace an old FANUC robot next month.

    We have all the TP programs in backup but on the old robot teach pendant there is a small user interface with some screens to adjust receipt number, settings,...

    We think this is programmed in KAREL? We have 2 .KL files but with compile faults, but in the .KL files we can see some similarities with the user interface (same texts, same titles, ...)

    My question is how to create such a user interface with different tabs? How can we run this user interface on the robot and in roboguide? First we want to simulate the old robot with the user interface in roboguide before we replace the old robot with a new one.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi Guest1,


    There are things you have to do


    there is your(!) wishlist.

    First try to get the old robot running inside roboguide.

    You may need to do a couple of adjustments(DCS settings to move the robot and so on)

    Is the user interface working?


    Figure out how does it work internally?

    Mostly there are a couple of stm or htm files working with some karel progs....

    - does the ui(htm ) set registers etc. directly?

    - or is this managed by a karel prog

    - using ActiveX controls?

    your wishlist:

    "My question is how to create such a user interface with different tabs? "

    Are you familar with js/ajax/jquery --> here you go

    good luck


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