"The target robot cannot be found in the neighborhood"?

  • Geee, I'm so sick and tired of this pieces of sh... FANUC! :unamused_face:

    There are 2 robots FANUCs here. I work alternately on both and with both in RoboGuide. Everything has worked so far. The last few weeks I have been working exclusively on the second one. Now I want to import the programs from the first one into RoboGuide. However, RoboGuide only acknowledges this with the message "The target robot cannot be found in the neighborhood".

    Both FANUCs are switched on, both projects can be opened in RoboGuide without errors, both FANUCs can be pinged, the homepage can be called up from both, both are displayed as Available in the Neighborhood. Upon connect both virtual FANUCs are displayed as Connected in Neighborhood. The programs from FANUC 2 can be imported into RoboGuide, those from FANUC 1 cannot.

    Any ideas (other than the obvious one of throwing the junk right there)?

    Never EVER again fanuc!

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  • Ah, I see! The path to the old project was still entered under "Import from". I deleted the directory of the old project earlier. However, the robot is the same in both cases.

    So a classic "error 500". :face_with_rolling_eyes:

    Never EVER again fanuc!

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