SRVO-062 BZAL alarm (Group: 1 Axis: 1..4) : new scara robot

  • Hello all,

    Trying to start setting up a brand new robot.

    I have a SRVO-062 alarm for every axis of the scara robot from 1 to 4.

    I asked the electricians about it and they told me all the cables are plugged correctly like in the last robot we made.

    Keeping the controller powered up, we've opened the lid of the batteries in the robot arm base, checked the voltage and all 4 batteries give voltage.

    This said... and given I have not much experience with Fanuc robots...

    What would you check?

    Where are the cables involved?

    And, after checking and correcting any possible cabling issue... will I have to make a Quick master?

    Tried to call Fanuc service and it looks like they are in an internal meeting that will have them out of service all this morning...

    Thank you all in advance.

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  • Remaster and calibrate the robot, then reset and see if it clears.

    Bzal means your encoder batteries were either dead or disconnected while the robot was powered off, so you lost all of your encoder counts. Even after that battery power is restored you still get the alarm until you master the robot.

  • SRVO-062 indicates that the voltage (normally supplied by the batteries) that is needed to backup the pulsecoders' values when power is not being supplied to the robot/controller has dropped too low.

    Normally this alarm comes when you either leave the robot without power on for long times, or when the batteries has aged.

    If you have confirmed that the batteries are in fact fresh in terms of voltage levels, then you need to reset the alarm by either going to the Master/Cal-menu and pressing "RES_PCA" (Reset Pulsecoder Alarm) or you toggle a system variable called "$MCR.$SPC_RESET" to TRUE (it will directly reset afterwards).

    You might also need to restart the controller.

    If this doesn't help, then that indicates that the voltage from the batteries is not being supplied as they should, which could mean that the batteries are inserted incorrectly, the battery box i damaged or that the cables from the battery box are damaged.

    After a BZAL you will need to make a Quick Master to get it going again. Once the BZAL is cleared, your robot will not be calibrated, and the mastering data will not be correct.

  • Depending on the robot model and on how long that particular robot has been standing in the warehouse at FANUC combined with surrounding temperatures and so on, you can get unlucky.

    But usually no. For a brand new robot, the batteries should be working.

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