IRvision pick part outside view of the camera

  • Hi,

    I have a setup with a fixed camera and a fanuc cobot with a pick tool.

    I have already done program to pick parts from the area under the camera view, everything works fine.

    Now I need to go a step higher and pick parts which are first photographed (their location memorized in registers), then the parts move to other fixed location, just next to the camera view.

    I need to pick parts from the new location.

    I tried simple way, just to teach the new part position as a pick position (cobot). The robot goes to the approximate location, but the accuracy is lost and robot misses the part by 1 to 5 cm.

    Maybe someone can advise how to do a better offset procedure to correctly pick the parts.

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  • Without having done the testing, I would assume that you will need a user frame setup so that the position of the part when being picked is the same as the vision process registers the part in the offset frame. Then teach the pick position in that new user frame.

    If this is not doable, then I'm not sure how such an operation would be possible with the accuracy one would expect from a vision process. Especially when the found part is rotated...

  • You can probably use the offset after the movement to the new area, as long as all your frames are set up right. The kicker is how you're moving the parts, if that isn't accurate, or if the parts shift at all, you're going to have a hard time picking them accurately.

  • Hi,

    the parts are moved to a second fixed position in a linear way (similar to conveyer). Their position change is always the same.

    Now I'm trying just to add constant (x,y,z) values to the PR of the found part by vision. Hope this will work.

  • I would take a picture set your reference data. Do the transfer and touchup the pick position that has the offset vr attached. Make sure your vision register offset is all zeros on the first touchup.

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