Kuka krc5 micro simens S7 1500 profinet problem

  • Has anyone encountered a similar problem:

    We used a plc siemens S7-1200 configured PROFINET communication with two robots and everything worked normally and the communication absolutely worked

    Due to the needs of the project we had to replace that plc with S7 1500 and we configured the communication again in the same way but the communication does not work.

    Are there additional settings for the S7-1500 series? Has anyone had similar experiences?

  • we configured the communication again in the same way but the communication does not work.

    Obviously your settings are not the same as with the previous S7-1200 PLC. Please give us more details about your setup. Are both robots PROFINET devices? Are you also using PROFIsafe? What seems not to work? Do you have any error messages? Can you provide details of your settings (PLC and robot side).

    Are there additional settings for the S7-1500 series?

    No. The setup for PROFINET is the same.

  • this are the settings in workvisual, the ip is in the subnet, we can ping the robot

    this are the errors on the robot side

    we tried with totali new tia portal program also, new ip addres new name for the robot on profinet but nothing is working

    when we swich to the plc 1200 it is working

  • This is the link of video tutorial that we used for the settings:

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  • In my opinion it is basically much easier than shown in the video. As I can see from your screenshots the correct GSDML file is installed and used. Delete what you have configured and start from scratch:

    1. In TIA Portal choose the correct device from the hardware catalog and drag it into the hardware configuration.

    2. Insert the correct IO module from the hardware catalog and add it to the robot device. According to your configuration in WOV you have to add the 512 In/Out module (or rather 64 bytes) to the correct slot. Delete other submodules if present.

    3. Set IP address, subnet mask and PROFINET name. All of these parameters need to match with the settings in WOV.

    4. Transfer both projects (PLC program as well as the WOV project).

    Did you connect the ethernet cable to the correct port on the robot controller? It is XF5 by default. Did you also assign the PROFINET name to the robot controller (e.g. by using TIA Portal or PRONETA)?

    Also go online in TIA Portal to see diagnostics.

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