Incompatibility Error in Karel Programming: Data Type Issue

  • Hi All.

    Running into trouble with one of FANUC's KAREL example programs. The error I am encountering pertains specifically to the handling of data types within the program. It occurs when the interpreter tries to assign a value to the identifier TMP_XYZ. Here are my declared variables and lines of code where I'm getting the error:

    I am then met with the following errors when trying to compile:

    These lines of code are directly from Example B.1 in the KAREL reference manual. Considering this, it seems likely that the issue might involve either an incorrect data type declaration or a mismatch between the data types expected by the operation and those actually provided. I've tried declaring temp_xyz as XYZWPREXT and that unfortunately did not resolve the issue.

    Any thoughts appreciated! Thanks.

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    PATH is a data structure. It is described in the karel referenc manual, in the A-Z section under appendix A. You need to use a period to access subcomponants. Should be pth1[node_ind].node_pos.

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