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  • Hello everyone,

    I have a pretty general question about requirements or thoughts on where you should be able to start robotic palletizing cell. I work as an internal integrator and one of out plants wants to be able to start up the robot and processes from multiple locations. It has always been my understanding that you can stop the cell (whether controlled or estop) from many locations but startup should only be at one location ie Main panel or HMI or robot controller. I feel like it would be a safety concern to allow startup from anywhere. Any thoughts or ideas before I just tell them no? Thanks.

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  • I feel like anytime you have the option to start from multiple locations you are relying on everyone else always doing what they should where as one start location that is positioned to have a view of the entire cell would prevent much of this problem. The concern is that they would have to walk around the cell to restart, which is a valid concern, but inconvenience should not overrule safety. Thanks for the insight HawkME.

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