TOOL DATA best ways for teaching tool

  • ABB IRC5

    Hi I have a gripper and trying to understand the best way to teach TOOL DATA. If my tool is a pointy object like the tip of a pen then its pretty straightforward on the 3/4 referencd points.

    But my gripper or any other tool has not a single point. Which position do I take to perform this process? I can't hold a pointy object with my gripper as well.


  • It looks to me like that cylinder extends and retracts both sides at the same time. Is that correct? Generally, it is undesirable to teach a tcp to something that moves. However, sometimes there is no choice, as it seems here. Just choose one of the gripper details and teach it while open. That way you can reorient around it to teach your pick and drop. In some rare cases, I have taught an imaginary center of the gripper. In this case you could just put tape, a piece of cardboard, or maybe even the part it picks with a center point marked.

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