• Hello

    I have oportunitiy to buy this robot for low price it is 1997 year of construction and it comes with control cabinet and teaching pendant.

    Is this robot suitable for total beginner I have a lot of experience with industrial CNC machines but this would be first for me.

    what softwer do I use to control it? Is here somebody from Slovenia which would be willing to help me with this.

    On the end I have few ideas how to use it in my company but first i want to learn how to controli t and program it.

    Then I will go crazy with it.

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  • 95devils

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  • Hello!

    Welcome to the robotic world, my friend!

    I assume that is a M97 ABB robot, quite ancient if you ask me...

    Any robot is good for learning the basics of how a robot work, but if it were me, I would like to start with something a little bit newer. That teach pendant is going to give you nightmares, and the backup system, if I remember correcly, is floppy disk based, taking up to 30 minutes per backup.

    Is it ok for starting with robotics? Yes. Is it going to be a pain in the ass for some utilities? Yes, again.


    ABB uses Robotstudio, but your robot is too old for that tech to work, even though you can still use it for simulations and things.

    FANUC uses roboguide, KUKA Workvisual, Yaskawa MotoSIM...

    "Hell...Yesterday it was workinG... I sweaR" :o)

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